Top 6 Best Work Boots for Asphalt Paving Workers

Let us just face it, working as an asphalt paver is quite challenging. It is hard for your body, but especially harder for your feet.

Adverse conditions in this area include working with extremely hot tar and walking on considerably hard surfaces all through the day.

It is for these reasons that wearing the best work boots for asphalt paving workers at the workplace is essential.

Not only will the correct footwear protect your feet from the dangers associated with asphalt paving, but will also give your feet the much needed comfort from being on your feet all day.

Below are six of the highest-quality asphalt paving boots that you should take into consideration when shopping for a work boot review of us.

Top 6 Best Construction Work Boots for Asphalt Paving Review

What boots should I buy for asphalt paving?

Well, here are six great work boots for asphalt paving to consider.

1. Ariat Men’s Hermosa XR 8″ Work Boot

Ariat Men's Hermosa XR 8" Work Boot


Anyone who has been in the asphalt paving industry for a while knows that Ariat is one of the top brands.

The makers of this particular work boot utilized various physics principles to come up with a shoe that helps you to battle foot fatigue as well as keep you energized while on the job; a great deal of intelligent thoughts went into the beautiful stylish design of these Ariat Men’s Hermosa work boots.

Their dark brown exterior is made of authentic full-grain leather.

This guarantees the long-life of the shoe as full-grain leather is known to be very durable.

In fact, the older this work boot gets the better it becomes. In addition, the tough leather used in the creation of this boot makes it weather and abrasion-resistant and is very flexible. Its eight-inch uppers feature a nice glossy finish and are very easy to clean.

The incorporated fringed kiltie extensions add a playful decorative element to the shoe.

The interior of these boots are covered with x-static thermodynamic lining. This special lining helps in regulating the temperature inside the boot and alleviates the build-up of static.

Also incorporated in this incredible shoe pair are oil and slip-resistant rubber outsoles that are joined to the uppers using a series of flexible and repairable stitches.

You can comfortably walk on slippery floors without any unnecessary worries of slipping and falling thanks to rubber’s incredible traction.

In addition, the shoe’s heel is protected with an external heel guard that prevents any damage from corrosive chemicals.

The best part about this work boot is the cobalt XR technology that minimizes the stress placed on your body by providing stability, cushioning, and flex. Those with ankle and foot problems will greatly benefit from this.

The collar is also nicely padded for added comfort. The curved roper toes finish the simple but stylish look of the boot and add to its durability as well.

The one thing that I dislike about this shoe is that they are somewhat heavy on the feet. This makes working for extended hours very uncomfortable.

  • This boots are made to last
  • The stitching is quite sturdy
  • They have adequate cushioning
  • Are warm and comfortable to wear
  • Are oil- and slip-resistant
  • They are somewhat heavy on the foot

This is safety shoes for asphalt work. This Ariat Men’s work boot is unlike no other asphalt paving boot out there! It combines durable hardware and supple leather with the best construction and scientific method to come up with a functional work boot.

2. Irish Setter Men’s 83606 6″ Aluminum Toe Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 83606 6" Aluminum Toe Work Boot


This top-quality asphalt work boot has been designed with both the comfort and safety of the user in mind. Made from superior materials, this Irish Setter work boot will last you a lifetime even when used in the harshest work environments such as asphalt pavements.

The full-grain leather utilize in its construction provides a flexible and supple upper section of the boot. The stitching around the toes adds to the strength and durability of the shoe by preventing the tearing of the leather because of the featured toe protector.

The boot has a mock-toe style and the triple-stitching detail makes it quite appealing to the eyes.

To provide you with a nice, snug fit for utmost comfort, these Irish Setter work boot features the traditional lace-up system.

Different from most work boots available today, these particular boots come with strong and durable metallic eyelets that don’t pull out or break under great strain or even overuse.

Another great feature of this work boot is the padded collar at the ankle part of the shoe, which goes a long way to support the ankle as well as provide extra comfort.

Also, there is pull loop that has been stitched to the top of the collar of this boot that helps with easy wearing and removing of the shoe.

What I like most about this boot is the detachable polyurethane foot bed that’s well-cushioned to offer maximum comfort all through the day. The shoe’s foot-bed is tough and will last long.

For extra support, there is an EVA midsole included to gently cushion the soles of your feet. The outsole is made using rubber-EVA and offers impeccable traction.

This boots major downside is its weight; they are heavy on the feet especially if you don’t need any Te protection.

  • Includes an aluminum safety toe for added safety
  • It features an electrical hazard for added safety
  • The boots are sturdy and strong
  • They are comfortable to wear even for extended durations
  • The shoe feature a removable polyurethane foot bed
  • Waterproof work boots
  • These work boots are somewhat heavy on the foot, especially for those who do not need toe protection

This is the best work boots for asphalt that will serve you for several years. They are a worthy investment for any individual working in the construction industry. You can also rest assured that this work boots will last you for several years before you think of getting another pair.

3. Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance 6 Inch Steel Safety Toe Puncture Resistant Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Endurance 6 Inch Steel Safety Toe Puncture Resistant Work Boot


Over the years, Timberland has rapidly grown to be one of the most renowned work boot manufacturers in the world! The company started in ninety-nine and is now a leader in the manufacture of construction and hiking boots.

The Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance 6-Inch Work Boot is a gem of a work boot. It is so wonderfully made and very functional. It is regarded by many as one of the top construction work boots.

The boot is provides both comfort and protection. Its upper part is made of briar full-grain leather that provides flexibility, support, and comfort. It is also a very durable leather material.

The inside of this Timberland boot is lined with an anti-microbial material. This material ensures odor control. It makes foot odor a thing of the past. It also controls moisture and, therefore, it will ensure your feet are always nice and dry.

Now that you know all about the upper part of this boot, let me tell you how special the sole is. The outer sole is engineered in such a way that it is abrasion, oil, heat, and slip resistant.

Essentially, there is nothing it cannot handle. It also provides magnificent traction that will enable you to move or work even in sites with slippery floors or surfaces.

There is something very unique about the sole of this boot and that is a special feature known as the ladder lock feature. It provides added grip and traction when utilizing ladders.

If you have a wide foot, you will love this Timberland PRO boot a lot as it has a wide toe box to give your forefoot and your toes a lot of breathing space.

The steel-flex plates inside the sole of this work shoe are also very unique as they will protect your feet against punctures from underneath.

So how safe is this boot?

I say it is one of the safest work boots out there. Its sole is abrasion, oil, heat and slip-resistant. This is what makes it one of the asphalt work boots trust brands.

Moreover, it provides ASTM-standard electrical hazard protection, which is very nice if you work around or wire live electrical wires. The protection it provides from underneath is also worth reminding you about.

The biggest disadvantage of this boot is its heavy weight. However, considering its many features justify this.

  • Oil, heat, abrasion, and slip-resistant
  • Electrical shock protection (ASTM-standard)
  • Underfoot steel plate protection
  • Very comfortable work boot (anti-fatigue design)
  • Relatively long lasting
  • Quite heavy

Despite being heavy, this is, hands down, one of the good boots for asphalt work!

4. WOLVERINE Men’s Contractor LX WPF Composite-Toe Construction Boot

WOLVERINE Men's Contractor LX WPF Composite-Toe Construction Boot


This highly-rated Wolverine work boot is designed for maximum safety and comfort. The boot’s most notable feature is its safety toe. Most work boots have got a safety toe made of steel, composite, or alloy materials.

This asphalt work boot is different. Its safety toe is made of carbon. Known as the Carbonmax safety toe, the safety toe on this boot is just as protective as a quality steel safety toe. The biggest difference is that it is much lighter than any steel safety toe box.

The lightweightness of this boot’s toe box makes the boot much lighter than most construction and heavy-industrial work boots currently available on the market!

In addition to having a unique safety toe box, this boot is sturdy-built and waterproof. Its upper part features premium full-grain leather that is thick and sturdy enough to offer your feet and lower calf a degree of protection.

The leather is also very waterproof; it will keep water out even if you step in it. Additionally, the leather is breathable; your feet will never overheat even if you wear this boot for a long continuous period time (e.g. during a double shift).

Probably the most wonderful thing about this Wolverine boot is its footbed. The footbed is made of TPE material and features a memory foam layer. It will provide your feet with a comforting and supporting grip.

Beneath the footbed there is a midsole that is designed to give you great arch-support. These comfort features plus this boot’s lightweightness make it ultra-comfortable.

One more good thing about this boot is that it is slip-resistant. This makes it wonderful to use even in wet or slippery conditions.

The only ad thing about this boot is that it is not winter-ready as it is not insulated.

  • Provides very good comfort
  • Well-treaded and supportive
  • Provides arch-support
  • Carbonmax toe protection
  • Ultra-resistant outer sole
  • Sturdy but flexible leather upper
  • Not winter-ready (not sufficiently insulated)

There is nothing really to complain about this boot as it has virtually everything you would expect as one of the great boots for asphalt work.

 5. COFRA Leather Work Boots – US Road Treadless Asphalt Footwear

COFRA Leather Work Boots - US Road Treadless Asphalt Footwear   


These Cofra asphalt work boots are among the asphalt work boots currently available for sale on sites such as Amazon, it is ranked by us the 5 best work boots for asphalt on this list.

Officially known as the COFRA US Road work boot, this boot is specifically engineered to handle the rough conditions frequently present in road construction sites.

The boot is built utilizing leather that is very breathable. It will never make your feet overheat even on the hottest days. Moreover, if has a special insole that is designed to protect you from heat coming from underneath.

This sole is called a Thermic insole. The outside of the sole features nitrile rubber that is resistant to even very high temperatures.

The fact that this COFRA boot is breathable, has a heat-resistant insole, and an extreme heat protection outsole makes it one of the best asphalt paving boots.

The toe area of this boot features a composite safety toe. This toe is as protective as a steel toe although it is not a steel toe. It is also much lighter.

Deep inside the sole of this boot there is a special plate to protect your underfoot from punctures. The boot also has magnificent resistance to electric shocks.

The biggest advantage of this boot is that is its heat-resistance. There are not many work boots that are built to prevent overheating and to handle external heat as well as this one.

This makes it perfect for working with asphalt. The puncture-resisting plate inside this boot’s sole and its impact-resisting composite toe box, are also very big advantages.

The fact that this COFRA work boot offers great ankle support is also worth mentioning.

Needless to say but as you would expect from any decent road construction work boot, this work boot is chemical resistant and can handle aggressive usage.

The only bad thing about these COFRA boots is that they are like treadless shoes. They do not offer much slip resistance in non-asphalt wet surfaces. However, this bad thing also makes them one of the asphalt spreader boots.

  • Among the asphalt paving shoes
  • Relatively light construction work boot
  • Good for spreading asphalt
  • Provides great ankle support
  • Supremely comfortable work boot
  • Water-resistant and chemical-resistant
  • Puncture-resistant work boot
  • Not very slip-resistant on non-asphalt surfaces
  • Slightly rigid construction

6. Dr. Martens Men’s Spate EH Waterproof Safety Toe 8-Eye Boots (Currently unavailable)

Dr. Martens Men's Spate EH Waterproof Safety Toe 8-Eye Boots


The value of comfortable and safe working shoes cannot be stressed enough, especially if you work in a demanding and risky environment, such as an asphalt paving site.

The different hazards you get exposed to need you to take certain safety precautions, such as getting appropriate footwear.

Getting a work boot such as Dr. Martens spate work boot is a worthy purchase particularly for those working in high-risk jobs.

This boot not only provides you with adequate protection against various hazards like electric shock, but also prevents unnecessary falls at the work place.

This Dr. Martens work boot is 100% waterproof and has been specially designed to cater to the needs of those working in the most rigorous places.

Its deeply oiled uppers have been nicely layered with a highly breathable but waterproof membrane that makes the boot comfortable on the feet even when it is hot.

The interior of the boot also features a wicking lining that ensures that your feet are kept dry throughout the entire day.

This asphalt work boot is not a joke when it comes to comfort. A detachable smart foam foot-bed together with a nicely padded collar and tongue provide extra cushioning for added comfort.

And with regard to protection, the various composite elements that constitute the safety toe cap provides your feet utmost protection.

Also featured is a slip-resistant sole that minimizes the risks slipping and falling when walking in slippery floors.

The electrical hazard does a great job at protecting the wearer from accidental contact with electric charge through offering extra insulation.

One of the great things about this work boot is its outsole. This footwear features a heat resistant outsole that offers heat resistance of about 300 degrees centigrade for a single minute of contact.

This particular feature makes it to stand out from the rest of its counterparts. In addition, these work boots are waterproof and can be worn even in wet surroundings.

Its one huge shortcoming is that it is not suitable for use during the cold season.

  • Features a safety toe cap for extra protection
  • Completely waterproof
  • It protects against electric charge
  • A light weight work boot
  • Has a wicking lining that ensures your feet are always dry
  • Not suitable for use during the cold season

This is a high-performance pair of work boot that will greatly benefit anyone working in demanding surroundings. It is totally worth every dollar placed on it.

What are Asphalt Boots?

The asphalt work boots are a form of footwear worn by construction workers on the job to help protect their feet from injuries and abrasions. They can also be used as slip-resistant wear, which is especially important when working with slippery materials like tar or oil stains in wet conditions. They have a non-marking flat outsole that provides perfect traction, even on uneven terrain, and leaves no marks behind.

Does an Asphalt Paving Workers Really Need a Specialized Work Boot?

A professional asphalt paver needs to have a specialized work boot for their job. The specific qualities of said boots are different from the average construction worker’s shoes, and they need something that can withstand hours on end walking around in hot temperatures while carrying heavy loads without suffering any discomfort or pain.

Do you know what it takes to be an expert Asphalt Paver?

A master at paving roads with tar-based materials – like bricks, sandstone blocks, or concrete slabs – will often need some special footwear as well!

Benefits of comfortable asphalt work boots

There are some benefits to getting the best work boots for asphalt work. Here is what you might get out of it:

  • Increased traction and stability will help prevent slips, trips, or falls while on slippery surfaces like wet pavement.
  • Protection from sharp objects such as nails or broken glass; and increased protection against electric shock hazards due to metal plates in steel toes being installed into shoes made with rubber soles which can also be conductive if any power lines fall onto them.

A Wide Variety Of Asphalt Work Boots

1. Preliminary Asphalt Boots

Preliminary asphalt work boots are very basic. They are simple, rugged, and impervious. They are normally utilized by individuals and companies that cannot afford higher quality and safe asphalt boots. Usually, these boots have no sophisticated design or material to protect against tar heat.

For this reason, workers wearing them have to break frequently to cool their feet. They also typically do not last very long. Many slip on asphalt boots are preliminary asphalt boots.

2. Intermediary Asphalt Boots

These are more expensive than preliminary asphalt boots. They typically feature a more advanced technology for heat-resistance and control. They protect wearers better from molten tar/ blacktop.

These boots typically last longer than preliminary asphalt boots. The famous Schutze asphalt work boots (made in Austria) are considered intermediary asphalt boots.

3. Ultimate Asphalt Boots

These are the boots worn by workers of big road paving companies. They are much more expensive than both preliminary and intermediary asphalt work boots. This is because they typically feature more advanced protection against heat, high-temperature and heat damage.

They are also typically much more comfortable and durable. The popular Nosacks asphalt boots (made in Japan) are considered to be ultimate asphalt boots.

How To Choose The Work Boots for Asphalt?

How To Choose The Best Work Boots for Asphalt?
5 important things to choose the good boots for asphalt paving

To choose the best work boots for asphalt paving, you should focus on the following things:

1. A heat resistant sole

The sole of the boot you choose should be heat-resistant. If it is not, then the boot you choose will not be suitable for asphalt paving work.

The very good asphalt paving boots have got an outer sole that can resist temperatures as high as 500 degrees F.

This means that when you wear them hot molten tar is unlikely to be an issue for you. Red wing asphalt boots are a good example of boots with heat-resistant soles.

2. A flat or almost treadles outer sole

For asphalt paving work, you should make sure that the boot you choose has got a flat or flattish outer sole. The asphalt boots have got very shallow treads.

This is to prevent the clogging of tar, asphalt, stones, and pebbles – things that are very common in asphalt paving work environments.

So to avoid clogging, make sure the boots you purchase have got no deep tread patterns.

3. Safety toe

According to safety rules, every work shoe worn in and around road paving sites should have an ASTM standard safety toe. So do not buy any work boot that does not have a safety toe.

And if you have a choice between a composite toe and a steel toe, choose the composite toe boot. Composite materials do not transfer heat as much as steel.

4. Full gusset tongue or pull-on work boot

To make sure hot tar cannot completely get into your work boot, you should make sure the boot has a full-gusset tongue (the type of tongue locked to the sides) or it is a pull-on work boot.

Otherwise, hot tar can get into your pavers boots via the sides of the tongue and cause significant injuries.

5. Fit and comfort

If you really want to have a manageable asphalt paving experience, you should make sure the boot can fit really well and that it is comfortable.

So how can you make sure the boot you purchase can fit really well?

You simply measure your foot and then check the specific size chart for the boot you want to buy. After matching your foot size with a size on the size chart, simply buy it and try it.

If it doesn’t fit return it and get a bigger or smaller size based on whether the one you are returning is bigger or smaller. To confirm if a boot is comfortable, you should simply check if it comes from a big brand.

If it does then it most likely is comfortable. Alternatively, you should check my reviews and what I say about such boots. If I say a boot is comfortable, you can bet your life it is.

Tip for Test The Boots for Asphalt Work

To make sure each work boot I included in my list above is one of the best boots for asphalt work – I checked three important qualities.

I checked the heat-resistance of the boot, the safety of the boot, and the comfort level it provides.

It is important to confirm heat-resistance when it comes to asphalt work boots because these are those that can resist the heat generated by hot tar.

I also believe it is important to check the safety provided by a work boot for asphalt work because there are many hazards that can cause toe damage or injury in road construction site.

Lastly, I checked the comfort each work boot provides because a work boot that is not comfortable will not make work easy. All the boots I included in the list provide heat-resistance, safety, and comfort.

Hazards Involved With Asphalt Paving & Advantage Of Wearing Asphalt Paving Boots

Hazards Involved With Asphalt Paving & Advantage Of Wearing Asphalt Paving Boots

Asphalt paving is not an easy job. It is a job that involves a lot of work and is exhausting. However, that is not the worst thing about it.

Any asphalt paver will tell you that asphalt paving is a job that involves many risks/ hazards.

Because asphalt paving involves many risks and hazards, it is important that it is done using road/asphalt paving work boots that have been engineered to make them suitable for asphalt paving work.

Probably the biggest risk that asphalt pavers have to deal with when doing their work is dealing with superhot molten tar. This is what they use to make asphalt roads so they cannot just avoid it or ignore it.

So how hot is superhot molten tar?

Well, it can get as hot as 320 or 350 degrees F. This means it is hot enough to slow cook even a roast.

Because molten tar is too hot, it can cause heat blisters, burn your feet, or burn your soles. To avoid the effects of hot molten tar, asphalt pavers used to take frequent breaks to enable their feet to cool off.

However, this is no longer necessary for many asphalt pavers because of quality asphalt paving boots.

These quality boots have heat resistant soles and insoles that can resist up to 500 degrees F. A good example is the COFRA US Road work boot.

This boot has a Thermic insole and a super heat-resistant outer sole. Together, these two things can prevent hot tar from causing you heat blisters or burning your feet.

Another big hazard in asphalt road paving is falling objects. Falling objects can fall on your toes and cause significant toe injury.

Injured toes can make it impossible for you to continue working for days, weeks, or even months.

If you are an ordinary road worker like most workers, you would not want to lose your daily, weekly, or monthly income, would you?

Of course, not. So workers often purchase asphalt paving boots that also have a safety toe to protect their toes against getting crushed or injured badly.

A good example of an asphalt paving boot with toe protection is the Dr. Martens boot I reviewed earlier in the list.


1. How do you keep asphalt from sticking to people’s boots without using any form of adhesive?

– Use a mixture of water and soda lime, which has the effect of chemically reacting with the solids in wet concrete.

– Mix together small amounts dry powder or liquid ingredients until it becomes cohesive enough that it can be pressed into molds for use on projects like sidewalks.

2. How to get asphalt off boots?

You can remove the asphalt off your boots by scrubbing them with a towel. Alternatively, you could also use soap and water to soak up some of that bad stuff before brushing it away.

You don’t have to walk around all day feeling like an oil slick in wet shoes! Just head home for ten minutes or so then wash them clean as soon as possible after being outside on hot pavement- this will help get rid of any residual black sludge from walking through puddles during rainy days too.

3. How to get asphalt crack filler off of boots?

One way to remove asphalt crack filler from your boots is by using baby oil.

One of the most frustrating things about walking on the pavement with cracked asphalt can be wondering how you’re going to get that black, goopy substance off after a long day at work. There’s an easy solution: Use some good old-fashioned Baby Oil!

Conclusion: What Are The Best Work Boots for Asphalt?

As you have discovered in this article, there are plenty of hazards involved in asphalt paving. For this reason, you must wear appropriate asphalt road paving boots to do any asphalt paving.

You have read the reviews of six very good paving work boots. They all have pros and cons, and because of this it may be somewhat difficult for you to decide which one is the best among them.

If you are in such a position, let me share with you the boots that I think are the best work boots for asphalt.

These boots are the COFRA US Road work boots. They have everything you would expect from very good road construction work boots.

They are comfortable and lightweight, they provide great ankle support, they are chemical-resistant, they can handle aggressive use, and they are puncture-resistant.

The biggest thing that makes them the great asphalt boots for sale right now is how heat-resistant they are.

The fact that they are heat-resistant means they are suitable for wearing near, around, and on hot asphalt.

Who else would not want a boot that they know would protect them from the core material they have to work with almost every day.

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