The Comparisons Between Thorogood Boots vs Red Wing Boots

Are you looking for information on a suitable pair of boots for you? People often recommend two famous American brands, Thorogood boots vs Red Wing boots. Confused about which one to choose? Here is our comparison of Thorogood boots vs Red Wing boots to see which is the best brand for you.

About Thorogood Boots and Red Wing Boots

Thorogood boots vs Red Wing boots are two popular brands specializing in manufacturing spiked boots from the US. The shoes of these two brands are highly appreciated. They have good quality, impressive design, and are beautiful.

Read on to learn more about each brand’s development process and product characteristics.

What are Thorogood Boots?

First, Thorogood boots were founded in 1982 on a small scale. Then it grew into a huge startup.

The owner of this brand is an ordinary employee. Therefore, the brand’s orientation is to produce affordable shoes. Their target customers are workers and employees.

Thorogood boots are designed in various ways, serving the needs of workers working in many different environments. People also call them to work boots. This brand is popular across many commercial settings.

What are Red Wing Boots?

Red Wing boots were officially established in 1905 with the original name Red Wing Shop.

In the early stage of establishment, Red Wing boots mainly produced safety shoes. This brand aims to bring safe shoes, convenient to use in difficult jobs such as logging, working in the mines, farming on the farm…

Later, Red Wing boots designed a variety of products towards more needs. Safety, durability, and comfort are what this brand is all about.

Quick Thorogood Boots vs Red Wing Boots Comparison Table

Thorogood Boots Red Wing Boots
Material Thorogood boots are typically made from full-grain leather Red Wing boots are made from a variety of materials including full-grain leather, suede, and nubuck.
Sole Thorogood boots usually come with a thick, oil-resistant Vibram sole that provides excellent traction and durability Red Wing boots have a variety of sole options, including Vibram, Traction Tred, and Wedge, depending on the style.
Construction Thorogood boots are typically Goodyear welted, which means the sole is stitched to the upper with a welt for added durability and the ability to resole Red Wing boots are also welted but some models are stitchdown construction which is a different method of attaching the sole.
Comfort Thorogood boots tend to have more padding in the insole and collar for extra cushioning. Red Wing Boots are designed for all-day comfort
Price Thorogood boots tend to be slightly less expensive than Red Wing boots.

Compare Thorogood Boots vs Red Wing Boots

Thorogood Boots vs Red Wing Boots 2

Over time, both brands have developed and made their mark with customers. Let’s explore the differences in some characteristics of the boots of these two brands.

Aesthetic value

Aesthetically, Red Wing boots have a more refined look. On the side, Red Wing boots use only one stitch with bright white highlights. Meanwhile, Thorogood boots use up to 3 stitches. This inadvertently makes them more confused.

From the outside, you can distinguish Thorogood boots vs Red Wingboots thanks to the logo, stitching, speed hook,…

The leather material of boots

People consider the leather material of Thorogood boots to be stronger and more fashionable than Red Wing boots. The thick leather material makes Thorogood boots durable.

However, the shoes will be quite stiff, making it difficult for you to use them the first time. Another drawback, the boots are very nice at first. But after a while, Thorogood boots are prone to wear and tear. It requires you to clean and care for your boots.

On the other hand, Red Wing boots use softer, lighter leather with a low density of leather. So, from the very first time, it was easy for you to put them on. Besides, the type of leather that Red Wing boots use is less prone to wear and tear.

Almost like how you buy shoes at first, the leather will still be the same after a while. It is less affected by environmental conditions. Therefore, you do not need to focus on cleaning and maintaining them.

Sole quality

Thorogood Boots have a thicker and more durable sole quality. The outsole of the Thorogood brand boots is of polyurethane. Its advantage is good to slip resistance, suitable for many terrains. Therefore, Thorogood safety shoes are ideal for many working conditions.

The soles of Red Wing boots are usually thinner, creating a light, smooth feel. However, it makes the sole easy to wear and has very poor slip resistance. The outsole material of Red Wing boots is rubber.

In general, the sole quality of Thorogood boots is higher than that of Red Wing boots. Both brands design shoes with 3 layers of soles, but Thorogood is more anti-slip. Therefore, it is suitable for harsh working conditions.

Price of product

Both brands are at customers who are employees and workers. They usually have a low income. Therefore, they have a low level of spending on buying boots and work safety shoes.

To suit this customer group, Thorogood boots and Red Wing boots adopt a low price strategy. Basically, the price of these boots is average.

However, compared to the price, these two brands have quite a big difference. The difference is hundreds of dollars.

Thorogood boots are cheaper than Red Wing boots. Therefore, Thorogood is an economical choice, helping to save costs for workers.

With design properties, high aesthetic value, Red Wing boots are sold at a higher price. You’ll find this disparity to be perfectly consistent.

Either way, the money you have to spend is worth the value you get. Investing in Thorogood boots and Red Wing boots is worth it.

Thorogood Boots vs Red Wing Boots – Which Brand is The Best Choice?

Thorogood Boots vs Red Wing Boots

Both Thorogood boots and Red Wing boots have their strengths. To decide which is the best choice, it depends upon your requirements.

If you’d like to choose a comfortable shoe for work, especially in wet environments, you should select Thorogood boots.

The advantage of this product is that it is light, easy to move, suitable for work, and extremely durable. In addition, they also help you move easily, meeting the requirements of wet working environments.

In particular, the price of Thorogood boots is lower, so it is an economical choice.

With better financial ability, and the need to wear beautiful shoes, you should choose Red Wing boots. It has a basic form, delicate stitch design.

In addition, the boots of Red Wing boots are quite soft. They tend to be less prone to wear and tear over time, so they always look as good as new.


Products of Thorogood boots and Red Wing boots are both of good quality. Each brand has its advantages. It is very clear to judge and decide which is better. Determine your needs before deciding which one to buy. Hopefully through this article of Work Boots Direct will you choose the best boots for you.

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