How to Make Cowboy Boots Fit Tighter

Cowboy boots are one of the indispensable items of fashionistas who love wild Western style. However, it is not always possible to buy a pair of boots that fit you well.

The problem only happens when you put them on. So how to make cowboy boots fit tighter? You can find the proper answer in this article, as well as some useful tips when choosing cowboy boots and how to maintain your boots in good condition.

What is Cowboy Boots and Their Features

Cowboy boots are a type of footwear that are typically worn for horseback riding, as well as for fashion and western-themed events. Here are some common features of cowboy boots:

  1. Heel: Cowboy boots have a distinctive angled heel that is higher than the rest of the sole. The heel is designed to help the wearer stay secure in the stirrups while riding a horse.
  2. Toe: The toe of a cowboy boot is usually pointed, with a variety of styles including round, square, and pointed. The pointed toe can also help with getting in and out of stirrups.
  3. Shaft: The shaft of the cowboy boot is the part that goes up the leg. It is typically made of leather and can be decorated with stitching, embroidery, or other decorative elements.
  4. Pull tabs: Cowboy boots often have pull tabs on either side of the shaft to help the wearer pull them on and off easily.
  5. Leather: Cowboy boots are usually made of high-quality leather, which can be dyed and decorated in a variety of ways. The leather is durable and can be conditioned and polished to maintain its appearance.
  6. Stitching: Cowboy boots often have intricate stitching and embroidery on the shaft and vamp (the part that covers the foot).
  7. Sole: The sole of a cowboy boot is usually made of leather or rubber, with a pattern that provides traction and durability. The sole can also be decorated with designs or logos.

How to Make Cowboy Boots Fit Tighter?

Here we have 4 useful and simple ways for you to try to make your loose cowboy boots tighter:

  • Wearing thick socks
  • Putting inserts into the boots
  • Shrinking the boots by a hairdryer
  • Using the submersion method

Now let’s check these tips out!

Wearing Thick Socks

A simple way to reduce the width of cowboy boots is to wear thick socks before put the boots on. However, this method only works for cowboy boots that are not too loose. Thick socks will reduce the distance between your feet and the boots.

Moreover, thick socks can absorb well the sweat and prevent your boots as well as your feet from having a bad smell. They can also protect your feet from blistering if you wear too-hard boots.

All you need to do is taking a thick pair of socks then simply putting them on before wearing your favorite cowboy boots.

How to Make Cowboy Boots Fit Tighter 1
How to Make Cowboy Boots Fit Tighter

Putting Inserts into the Cowboy Boots to Make them Fit Tighter

For the cowboy boots that are loose on the insteps, you can use extra cushion insoles to lift your foot. Pick a quite thick pair of insoles to ensure that after put them in the boots will fit you well.

You can remove the stock insoles in the boots and replace them with new ones, or just put new insoles on the top of the stock one.

These insoles not only help you to solve the oversize problem of your cowboy boots but also cradle your feet and make you feel more comfortable when wearing boots.

If you don’t like cushion insoles, a footpad is another good choice. You can use leather pads or pads made from other materials, as long as you feel comfortable when using them. If one pad is not thick enough, you can use some more pads until you get the thickness you want.

For the cowboy boots that are loose on the heels, the solution is to use heel inserts. Heel inserts will make your cowboy boots fit tighter, and protect your heels as well.

Some people have pain on their heels or get their heel blistered when wearing boots for a long time, and a heel insert is the best choice in these cases.

Another useful tip is to fill the toe box of the cowboy boots with cotton balls, soft cloth, or toilet paper. Those things will fill up the space between your toes and the boot’s tip, and make the boot tighter and prevent heel slippage.

Maybe you don’t notice, but your jeans are also considered as a type of “insert” to make cowboy boots fit tighter. If your boots are loose at the ankle, just tuck your jeans into the boots. You will fix the loose boots, and have a new fashion style as well!

Shrinking the Boots by a Hairdryer

This way is more complicated than the above one, but it is worth trying. As you know, leather is the main material in making cowboy boots.

And leather is elastic, so it can be stretched or shrunk under the influence of heat. Therefore, it is an ideal way to use a hairdryer to tighten your boots. So how to make cowboy boots fit tighter by hairdryer?

First of all, you have to make your boots wet. A spray bottle or a piece of cloth or sponge is needed. If you use a spray bottle, pour water inside the bottle and spray the entire boots. For a piece of cloth or sponge, just soak it in water until it gets wet, then wipe around the boots.

In the next step, using a hairdryer, turning it on, and blowing to the wet boots until they dry. Remembering not to put the hairdryer too close to the boots, because high temperature from it can cause damage to the leather. Finally, enjoy your new tight-fitting cowboy boots!

Using the Submersion Method

The submersion method is quite similar to the method of using the hairdryer mentioned above, but this method requires more time and effort.

However, you won’t regret trying it, because it is amazingly effective with your loose boots. Below are steps for how to make cowboy boots fit tighter by using the submersion method.

Initially, prepare a bucket, or a basin, or any container that can contain enough water to soak the cowboy boots and fill it with warm water

After that, put your boots in the bucket, ensure that the boots are submerged in water. Leave them to soak for about an hour.

Next, after one hour, soak a pair of socks into the water until it gets wet completely, then wear the wet socks followed by the wet boots. It is a bit difficult to get them on when they are wet, but you will make it.

Finally, just wait until both the boots and socks dry on your feet. This is the hardest step in this method because it is very uncomfortable to wear wet socks and boots for such a long time.

However, the result will not disappoint you. When the cowboy boots are dry, they will shrink and fit your feet. The reason for wearing wet socks and boots is to prevent the boots from shrinking smaller than your feet.

Tips for Choosing a Good Pair of Cowboy Boots

How to Make Cowboy Boots Fit Tighter
How to Make Cowboy Boots Fit Tighter

We have learned about how to make cowboy boots fit tighter, and here are some useful tips when buying cowboy boots so that you can choose a great pair of boots.

Clearing the Purpose of the Boots

The first thing you have to consider before buying cowboy boots is the purpose of wearing them. If you buy them for their function, choose the traditional cowboy boots because they are designed to bring the best comfort to the user, and they are very durable.

On the other hand, if a pair of cowboy boots plays the role of the highlight for your outfit, fashion boots with unique designs are for you.

Choosing the Boots that Fit you Well

This is the most important thing when buying a pair of boots. To avoid too loose or too tight boots, you should come to the store and try them on.

However, don’t buy boots that are tight at first, because they can shrink after being washed, and your feet can get pain when moving if you wear too-tight boots. Therefore, a little bit loose pair of cowboy boots is a better choice.

How to Maintain your Cowboy Boots in Good Condition?

It is quite hard to buy a great pair of boots, but how to maintain them in good condition is more complicated. You can refer to the following tips so that your boots are always like new ones.

Using Proper Detergent for Cleaning Cowboy Boots

Not any type of detergent can be used for cleaning boots. Check carefully to ensure that you use proper detergent to wash your boots to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Don’t Wash your Boots Too Often

Washing with water and detergent too often can cause damages to your boots, especially leather boots. With small dirt, you can use a wet cloth or soft brush to remove it easily. If your boots get wet unintentionally (for example: by the rain), just put them in a ventilated place until they get dry.

Conditioning Leather Boots Regularly

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your cowboy boots and make them always still look like new ones, regular conditioning is required.

Use a good leather conditioner and rub the boots steadily. After your boots are clean and shiny, place them in a dry and ventilated place to store. Don’t put them in a plastic bag or box because the leather can be damaged by humidity.

Final Words

Above are some simple and useful tips for how to make cowboy boots fit tighter, how to choose great cowboy boots and how to properly maintain your boots. We hope that with those tips, you can save much time and money for cowboy boots problems and make your life easier.

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