Top 10 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

Are your feet wider than normal?

If so, then you surely know how difficult it is to find a pair of comfortable shoes whenever you are on the market for one. This is because most manufacturers make shoes with normal-width feet in mind.

While it is difficult to find good a decent pair of shoes for wide feet, it is not impossible. Many shoe manufacturers, especially those in the work boot manufacturing industry, are nowadays making quality, comfortable, and protective work shoes.

In this article, I am going to reveal to you the best work boots for wide feet.

We are also going to show you their pros and cons. By the end of the article, you should be able to easily pick one or two pairs of boots perfect for your feet and your work environment.

The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews

Top 12 The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews In 2023

1. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Emperor Toe, Composite Safety Toe Boot 

The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews In 2023

Thorogood is a renowned boot maker and this Emperor Toe boot from then is one of their safest and most stylish work boots.

The boot is extremely well-designed. This is evident in its unique and innovative features. For example, it comes with a removable insole that is made of PU. This makes its footbed very comfy and perfect for jobs that involve standing all day.

It also comes with a fiberglass shank in its sole. This provides magnificent arch support and reduces the likelihood of having sore feet at the end of the day.

According to the manufacturer of this boot, it is very well-constructed for durability. It is also constructed to provide protection. You can easily confirm this by pressing its toe area. If you do this you will feel something hard, which is the composite safety toe box. It will give you excellent toe protection.

The toe box and the boot itself are wide making this boot one of the best men’s extra wide work boots.

The only issue you will notice with this boot is that it is not completely water-resistant.


  •   Available in two manly colors
  •   Has a wide and comfy toe box
  •   Provides arch support
  •   Provides to protection
  •   Provides ankle protection


  •   It is not completely water-resistant

Despite not being 100% water-resistant, this is a high-quality boot that you should go straight ahead and purchase if its features thoroughly impress you.

2. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Double Comfort 4760 Work Boot   

The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews In 2023 1

According to those who have worn this work boot, it is brilliantly designed to keep your feet comfortable and safe in construction and industrial sites.

Among its most important design features of this Justin Original boot is its outsole that is specially designed to protect against electrical hazards. The outsole is also designed in such a manner to provide excellent traction, heat resistance and oil resistance. Many people purchase this boot just because of how protective it is.

Made by hand (not machines), this Justin Original work shoe is regarded as one of the most comfortable extra wide work shoes. This is because it has a wide toe box and a special comfort system called the J-Flex System. These two things make it extremely comfortable even for those who do jobs that involve a lot of standing.

Along with being a very comfortable boot, this boot is also a very waterproof work boots. It is designed with premium leather to keep water pit and at the same time provide great durability. Despite being tough, the leather utilized to build this boot is highly flexible. This makes it brilliant even for work that involves a lot of movement.

Based on the comfort and protection it provides, this work boot is perfect for plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, factory workers, laborers, supervisors, and managers.


  •   Extremely comfortable work boot
  •   Provides protection against injuries and accidents
  •   Handmade in the United States
  •   Extremely waterproof and durable
  •   Has a flexible upper material


  •   A bit heavier compared to normal work boots

This is a heavy-duty work boot. So it is natural that it is heavy. Despite this it is quite comfortable and extremely suitable for tough jobs.

3. KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boot 

The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews In 2023 2

Compared to brands such as Danner and Timberland, KEEN is a somewhat new brand. However, this does not mean its work shoes are of lower quality that those manufactured by bigger brands. Its work shoes are regarded as some of the most ergonomic and comfortable shoes. This is because the company incorporates some of the ergonomic technologies it has perfected in its popular casual and hiking shoes.

According to various reviewers online, the KEEN Utility Milwaukee is the best work boot that money can buy right now. It is extremely comfortable, provides steel toe protection, and it is waterproof.

The boot is made of premium quality leather. The leather makes it tough and sturdy and offers feet protection because it is well reinforced. It is also flexible making it easy to move around in.

The heel of this KEEN boot is engineered to ensure stability. If you do construction work, I am sure this boot is something you will greatly appreciate.

While this boot is great, it is not perfect. It has got two drawbacks. It is expensive and it does not stay waterproof forever.


  •   Considered among the highest-quality work boots for wide feet
  •   Comfy asymmetrical cap and cushioned footbed
  •   Comfortable, flexible, waterproof, and durable
  •   Provides excellent steel protection
  •   Provides great stability
  •   Provides electrical hazard protection


  •   Costly work boot
  •   Does not stay waterproof for a long time

Despite the above mentioned flaws, this work boot is as close to being perfect best steel toe boots for wide feet as it gets. It is great for plumbers, construction workers, landscapers, truck drivers, warehouse employees, and factory workers.

4. Dr. Martens, Men’s Ironbridge Extra Wide Heavy Industry Boots

The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews In 2023 3

This Dr. Martens boot is the type that I would recommend for anyone with wide feet looking for something comfy to wear to work. To be clear, I am not a doctor. However, if you have wide feet all you need to do is to take a leap of faith and get this boot. Once you put it on and take a few steps or jump around in it, you will be wondering why you never tried this boot earlier.

I am saying this because it is among the best work shoes for wide feet. It is made with a wide toe box and a wider than average mid-foot section. This is what makes it suitable for men with big feet.

Constructed using the best materials and boot-making methods, this boot is extremely durable and maintains its shape even with frequent use. Its outsole is abrasion-resistant, which means it will take a long time before it even starts showing signs of wear and tear.

Unlike many work boots, this one provides great traction for stability and it is even slip-resistant.

As you can see above, this boot has many qualities but it is not without minor flaws. The biggest one is its weight. It is a bit heavier than normal. It is also a bit costly.


  •   Steel toe protection for maximum workplace toe protection
  •   Anti-microbial insole and moisture-wicking fabric
  •   Adjustable closure and padded tongue for max comfort
  •   Welted construction for great durability and stability
  •   Electrical hazard protection
  •   Mens wide width work boots


  •   A bit heavier than many boots
  •   A bit more expensive than many boots

If you are looking for a comfy and protective work boot that will serve you for a long time, get this boot because not many work boots come even close to it in terms of comfort and safety.

5. Rocky Men’s Mobilite Six Inch Steel Toe Work Boot  

The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews In 2023 4

This Rocky boot offers the best-in-class comfort among heavy duty boots. This is because it is engineered to provide great comfort.

When you wear this Rocky boot, you will experience no difficulty wearing it, no sore feet, no achy feet, and no back pain even after a very long day at work. And the best thing about it is that you do not need no break in period to start enjoying the comfort that this boot has to offer.

In addition to being comfortable, this boot is very durable. It is durable despite being relatively cheap. In fact, if you use this boot well and maintain it properly, you can get between three and five years from it.

In terms of protection, this boot provides plenty of it. It offers protection from water and cold feet because it is 100% waterproof. It offers protection from severe toe injury because it has steel toe protection. It is also chemical-resistant, slip-resistant, and electrical shock-resistant.

Because of the above features, these boots is perfect for construction workers, roofers, electricians, technicians, warehouse staff, manufacturing workers, and gardening.

The worst thing about this boot is that it does not provide anti-odor protection. It is also not very easy to clean its outsole.


  •   A durable pair of wide toe box work boots
  •   Very comfortable and protective boot
  •   Provides excellent toe protection
  •   Stable and abrasion-resistant outsole
  •   Breathable boot


  •   Not the easiest work boot to clean
  •   No anti-odor membrane

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach 6 Inch Steel Safety Toe Waterproof Insulated Work Boot

The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews In 2023 5

Timberland is an iconic shoe manufacturer. The company has been making boots for a very long time, and its Timberland PRO line of boots is regarded as its best work boot line. This pair of Timberland PRO 26038 wide width work boots is among the best in the Timberland PRO line.

The boot is constructed utilizing high-quality waterproof leather. The construction is in such a way that makes the boot very flexible.

What I love the most about this boot is the fact that it is lined with an insulating membrane (over 200g of it). This makes this Timberland boot one of the top men’s winter boots for wide feet.

This great boot also comes with anti-bacteria lining for keeping odor at bay.

While this boot definitely sounds like a badass work boot, it does have a flaw. And that flaw is that you need to wear it a couple of times to break it in. Many workers do not like this. However, once this boot is broken in, it provides excellent support.


  •   Among the top men’s wide waterproof boots
  •   Waterproof, flexible, and durable
  •   Anti-bacterial lining for preventing odor
  •   Provides great insulation for warmth
  •   Breathable and comfortable (footbed cushions)
  •   Size 15 wide work boots


  • It needs to be broken in

Despite needing a chunky break-in period, this is one of the most comfortable, most protective, and best insulated work boots on the market.

7. SOREL – Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boot for Winter 

The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet (Men and Women) Reviews In 2023 6

Based on the information I have gathered about this boot, it is the best pair of boots for wide feet women. If you don’t believe, read on to find out why I believe it is the best pair.

This pair of boots is insulated with a thick felt liner. The liner can insulate your feet up to minus forty degrees. In other words, this SOREL boot will keep your feet warm even if you stand or work outside in the freezing cold for thirty or forty minutes.

This SOREL boot is among the best work boots with wide toe box. You can wiggle your toes inside its toe box even if you have big and wide feet. Moreover, it has a cushioning liner and a super comfortable footbed. In a nutshell, it is an extremely comfortable work boot.

The boot is designed to keep water out. According to those who have worn it, it does this brilliantly. There is someone who has stepped in a puddle of water wearing this boot without getting his feet wet, according to an Amazon review.

The only issue you will have with this boot is that it is a bit heavy. However, this is kind of expected considering its thick insulation.


  • Great grip rubber treads
  • Waterproof and comfortable even in cold weather
  • Easy to wear and to remove (pull-on boot)
  • Removable liner
  • Classic style boot
  • High-shaft for added protection


  • A bit heavy
  • Not great for women with narrow feet

This is among the best pull on work boots for wide feet for women. It is insulated, waterproof, comfortable, and very stylish.

8. Dr. Martens, Women’s Arbor Steel Toe Light Industry Boots

The Best women's Work Boots for Wide Feet

Do you want to look trendy at work? Well, get this pair of extra wide steel toe shoes from Dr. Martens. Known as the Chelsea Wyoming Women’s work boot, this boot is extremely stylish.

It is built using leather suede making it quite flexible and comfortable. Underneath this suede it has a special lining that can wick moisture away. This means that this boot can breathe and make your feet cool and comfortable even in hot weather.

With a welted and heat-sealed outsole, it is very difficult for this boot to come apart even when used frequently. Moreover, the sole provides excellent slip-resistance. This is perfect especially for workers in jobs that require great stability.

With regard to safety, this boot has a safety toe cap made of steel that will protect your toes from injury. It also delivers electrical hazard protection.

About comfort, this Dr. Martens has a memory foam liner to provide you with extra cushioning and comfort.

Like most Danner boots, this boot is durable.

The weight of this boot may be its only problem. It is a bit heavy/bulky. However, if all you want as a worker is a pair of wide, comfortable, and protective work boots, it being bulky should not discourage you from getting it.


  •   Trendy but work-ready design
  •   Comfortable, durable, and robust
  •   Great steel toe protection
  •   Protects against EH (Electrical Hazards)
  •   Lasts long


  •   A bit bulky

This is a great boot that comes in different colors and sizes. The sizes run wide for women with wider than normal feet. It is the perfect choice for stylish women.

9. Timberland Women’s Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot

The Best women's Work Boots for Wide Feet 2

If you are looking for a quality work boot for women, you cannot do a lot better than a Timberland Women’s Nellie ankle boot. The boot may be more expensive than the average women’s work boot but many women workers agree that it is worth its premium price.

Like most Timberland boots, this boot includes great waterproofing to keep your feet dry, an excellent mesh lining to keep your feet cool and comfortable, and an anti-fatigue footbed to eliminate or reduce feet soreness.

One thing you will notice about this boot is how well-constructed it is. This ensures durability. You will also notice its rubber outsole. The outsole provides a great grip and hence prevents slipping.

The only issue with this boot is that it does not offer steel protection. However, if what you are looking for is a quality and extremely durable boot, you have just discovered it.


  •   Cute but tough women’s work boot
  •   Breathable mesh work boots
  •   Comfortable, waterproof, and breathable
  •   Available in many colors and sizes
  •   Wide width options available
  •   Lasts long


  •   No steel toe protection

This is a cute but tough boot for women that many women in different jobs including truck driving, technician jobs, field supervision jobs, and so on love wearing.

10. Caterpillar Women’s Echo Wp St Boots

Caterpillar Women's Echo Wp St Boots

With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, this is one of the best-rated women’s steel toe work boots on Amazon. There are four key reasons why this boot is very well-rated on the e-commerce website.

First, it is well-rated because it comes with a special foam footbed. This footbed plus its special shock-absorbing midsole make walking in this boot a very comfortable and pleasant experience. So if you have been looking for a comfortable work boot for women, you have found it.

Second, it is well-rated because it comes with a perfectly functioning rubber outsole. The outsole works very well especially on low traction surfaces such as polished tiles. It is also water and oil-resistant. So even if you step in water or oil, it is unlikely that you will fall.

Third, it is highly rated because it is very protective. It provides toe protection against compression or impact. It also provides electrical shock protection. It can insulate against up to 600 volts.

Lastly, it is highly rated because it is very breathable. What makes this Caterpillar boot breathable is its special lining.

You will only not like this boot if you have narrow or average-size feet because its normal sizes run a bit wider.


  •   Extremely comfortable CAT boot
  •   Waterproof, breathable, and protective
  •   Electrical hazard protection
  •   Shock-absorbing midsole to fight fatigue and soreness
  •   Oil and water-resistant


  • Imported
  • Runs a bit bigger than normal

11. KEEN Utility Women’s Flint Low Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Women's Flint Low Work Shoe

This boot does not at all look like a typical work boot but it is. In fact, it is one of the most breathable and protective work boots for women.

It is designed for workers who have to do a lot of standing throughout the day e.g. warehouse workers, supervisors, and so on. It is also perfect for commercial drivers.

The design of this boot is very impressive. Its low cut design is trendy. You can wear it with many types of clothes including board shorts. Because of its design, this boot is very airy/breathable. This makes it perfect for places where the sun is almost always shining e.g. Southern California, Southern Florida, Texas, and Nevada.

If you purchase this boot, you will find that it provides plenty of comfort. This is because it has an EVA footbed that is very pleasant to step on. This boot also has a torsional stability shank to give you maximum support.

The toe box on this boot is a steel toe box for maximum toe protection, while the outsole is a solid quality rubber outsole to prevent slipping on slippery surfaces.

One thing that this boot has but many work boots don’t is its anti-microbial properties. These properties plus the fact that this boot is very airy make it odorless. So regardless of how long you wear this boots without taking them off, they are unlikely to start stinking.


  • Extra wide steel toe work boots (wide sizes available)
  • Great boot that is highly protective
  • Very airy and breathable
  • Provides toe protection
  • Water and oil-resistant boot
  • Slip-resistant boot
  • Prevents odor


  • Does not provide significant ankle protection

If you live in a hot climate, this is the work boot you should get because it will ensure your feet are always cool and comfortable. No sweaty feet or boots at the end of the day. And no smell either.

12. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell makes great quality 3e work boots and 4e wide work boots. But most of its work boots are for men. This particular boot right here is a women’s hiking boot that can also be worn as a work boot. It is available in both regular and wide sizes.

The best thing about this work boot is that it is very light. This makes it easy to walk around in the whole day. It also provides great traction. This ensures stability and makes this boot perfect for various work environments that require stability.

This Merrell boot may not look like it but it is waterproof. In other words, it can keep your feet dry if you work in a wet environment. For example, if you are a plumber.

Like most Merrell boots, this boot has a protective toe box. The box is wide and roomy and protects against impact and crushing.

The thing you will really be impressed by about this boot is what will be beneath your feet – a special contoured footbed. This footbed provides brilliant superior comfort and support. It is completed by an insole that has an air cushion for more comfort, shock-absorption, and stability.


  • Extra wide safety shoes (wide sizes available)
  • Excellent traction outsole
  • Great shock-absorption
  • Waterproof and protective


  • Quite pricey

Despite being pricey, this is one of the best safety shoes for women. It is perfect for women with wide feet because it has wide sizes with everything wide for happy feet even during very long workdays.

Foot Conditions Caused by Narrow & Tight Boots

If you have wide feet you should never wear narrow boots. This is because they will cause or trigger various unsightly or unpleasant conditions. For example, they can make your feet to start developing bunions.

They can also make your feet sore and painful at the end of the day. Furthermore, they cause the development of conditions such as bone spurs, mallet toe, and hammer toe. Reports have also shown that wearing narrow boots can deform your toes and cause instability.

Different Widths of Work Boots Explained & How to Find the True Width of Your Feet?

Feet come in different shapes and sizes. Most boots on the market are made for people with narrow feet. However, this does not mean wider sizes are not available. Many work shoes are available in four sizes – narrow (C), medium (D), wide (E) and extra wide (EE).

To know whether your foot is normal, narrow, wide or extra wide. You need to measure it. And the only accurate way you can do this is to take a plain piece of paper and step on it. Once you do, trace your feet with a pencil or pen like you used to do back in school.

And then measure the distance between the top of the boot and the bottom part. This is the length of your feet. And then measure the length around the biggest distance in the forefoot. This will be your width.

Now armed with information about the length and the witch of your feet, you can simply go online to see what type of shoe you can wear and how it is categorized.

Different work boot manufacturers have slightly different definitions on what constitutes a normal, wide, extra wide, and narrow work boot. So make sure you check the measurements and calculation of what makes what before you purchase a work boot.

4 Must-have Features The Best Work Boots For Wide Feet 

The excellent work boot for wide feet must first of all be wide. If it is not, then it does not deserve to even be in the conversation about wide feet boots. Below are all the must-have features that best work boots for wide feet need to have.

1. Comfort

You must make sure the boot you purchase is comfortable because you are going to need it to be especially if your job involves a lot of standing.  A comfortable work boot is one that has comfort features or features that make wearing it a comfortable.

Examples of comfort features include soft footbeds, ECA midsoles, padded tongues, and padded collars.

2. Protection

When buying a work boot, you need to make sure it offers the right kind of protection for your work environment. If your work environment has hazards that can fall and hurt your toes, you need to make sure the boot you purchase has a safety toe to protect you from the hazards.

If you work in a slippery work site (e.g. a service shop), you must wear boots that are oily and  pricy.

3. Wide fit

It is not easy to find great wide size work shoes on the market. But this was before I made the above list and similar lists of quality wide feet boots. So make sure the boot you purchase is a wide feet boot if you have big feet. And make sure that the wide foot boot is actually wide enough for your feet.

4. Durability

The work boot you purchase should be very durable unless you have tens of dollars to spend on a new boot every three months or so. Durable boots typically have tougher soles than normal ones.

They also typically feature very good construction and double stitching in some places to protect them from breaking down quickly.


1. Which snowboard boots will work the best for wide feet?

The following snowboard boots are the best for people with wide feet. The Salomon Dialogue wide, the Salomon Synapse wide, and the Burton Ruler wide.

2. What are the best women’s hiking boots for wide feet?

There are several great hiking boots for women with wide feet. The very best ones right now include the Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe and the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot.

3. What shoes have the widest toe box?

Currently, according to my research, the shoes with the widest toe box are the Primal RunAmoc. These shoes are engineered by a physiotherapist to ensure maximum room for your toes plus maximum comfort for your feet. The shoes have been in production for many years and are a hit especially among people with feet problems.

4. What foot width is considered wide?

There is no specific number to tell if your foot is wider than normal. This is because normal foot width differs for different feet sizes. However, there is a way you can tell if your foot width is wider than normal. If you feel that your feet are squeezed in every shoe you wear, just know that it is time for you to start buying wider than normal shoes.

Conclusion: What Are The Best Work Boots for Wide Feet?

As you have discovered in this article, there are many work boots for wide feet on the United States market. Most of them are made for men while a good number are engineered for women.

The best work boots for wide feet for men are the Timberland PRO  boots, while the best wide work boots for women are the SOREL boots.  Both these boots have options that are truly wide and are comfortable and pretty versatile.

They are also very durable. So if you do not know what boot to choose among the ones I have reviewed, you should go for the Timberland boot if you are a man or for the SOREL boot if you are a woman.

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