Top 10 Best Work Boots for Diabetics

Diabetes presents special and often painful challenges to those individuals who spend a lot of time working on their feet. Foot problems such as bunions, calluses, and athlete’s foot are common among diabetics and they could actually be life-threatening among such individuals. Some signs of diabetic feet include;

  • Skin color changes
  • Skin temperature changes
  • Pain and aches in the legs
  • Swollen ankle or foot
  • Calluses or corns
  • Persistent foot odor
  • Dry skin cracks, particularly around the heel area

Diabetics need to pay special attention to their feet especially while at work. This is mainly so because it can lead to nerve damage as well as poor blood circulation.

Because of nerve damage, diabetics hardly feel any sensations on the feet thus increasing the chances of developing ulcers or sores. That is precisely why diabetics need to wear diabetic work boots while at the workplace.

The best work boots for diabetics come with features that help to reduce and eradicate foot pain whilst preventing any further damage.

What Type Of Work Boots Are Best for Diabetics?

Diabetics need special diabetic boots, especially while at the workplace. If your job entails standing up for extended durations or moving around a lot, it is vital that you wear the appropriate footwear.

If you do not, you can end up experiencing some serious foot issues. Not wearing the right diabetic footwear could result in foot injuries such as neuropathy and at times, amputation of the affected leg or foot if the condition is not correctly treated.

The best diabetic work boots provide protection and comfort. Such boots prevent calluses, foot strains as well as the development of ulcers. Their interior is normally made of soft and seamless materials that don’t have any stitching to prevent foot irritation that results from materials rubbing against your feet while moving around.

Diabetic boots feature a roomy toe-box that provides extra room to the toes, which is particularly important among those with deformities like hammertoes or bunions. Diabetic boots also have more depth for accommodating custom insert orthotic inserts, offering even better support and weight distribution away from the foot’s pressure points.

Shoe wedges, fillers, heels, and lifts are also featured in some diabetic work boots and they are essential in providing extra protection and support.

Diabetic work boots composite toe are also best for diabetics because they offer toe protection.

Features of The Diabetic Work Boots

Some features of the best diabetic work boots include:

Moisture-wicking lining

Individuals with Type 2 diabetes have excessive quantities of glucose in their blood, which in turn leads to high sugar levels in the body tissues. The sugar acts as food for bacteria and allows them to multiply quickly. Darkness and moisture further aid with the multiplication. Bacteria do well in moist and dark surroundings such as a damp work boot.

The good diabetic work boots are those that feature a breathable lining and a moisture handling insole. And if you work in wet surroundings, you will definitely need a waterproof work boot.

Proper cushioning

Elevated blood sugar levels results in poor blood circulation and nerve damage, particularly in the feet, a condition called peripheral neuropathy. The nerve damage might be so severe that a diabetic might injure their feet without even noticing that it is happening.

The best work boot for diabetics have padded tongues and collars that protect the top part of the foot from chaffing and ankles from rubbing. They also feature nicely-padded insoles that make the boots quite comfy to work with.

Non-slip outsole

Another must-have feature in a diabetic work boot is oil-resistant and slip-resistant outsoles. Synthetic or rubber soles with lugged bottoms offer the traction needed to walk on slippery surfaces, thus preventing unexpected falls.

Met guard

Diabetics working as ironworkers or loggers should have an extra protection layer offered by a met guard to protect and prevent any damage to the metatarsal bones.

EH (electrical hazard) rated

Diabetics should protect their feet from punctures and electric shocks. Diabetics working as electricians or in factory settings where electrical lines or power boxes are visible should go for work boots that are EH rated.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Diabetic Work Boot

Below are some factors that you need to consider while shopping for a diabetic work boot:

Shoe length

When buying a diabetic work shoe, always ensure that there’s ample space for toe movement. There needs to be about 1.5 cm to 2 cm of space left between your toes and the front part of the boot when standing. Apart from comfort, thus also ensures that your toes are safeguarded from bumps.

Shoe width

A work boot that’s wide enough allows for proper spacing of your toes. You certainly do not want your little toe to rub against the boot and get injured.

Extra depth

The great diabetic boots have extra depth. More room allows for easy blood flow and your feet do not get squeezed by the boot’s edges. The best way of ensuring that your feet are comfortable and always protected by getting a diabetic work boot with an extra depth.

That said, there are two types of depths to pick from; a quarter inch (extra depth) and half inch (super depth).


This is one thing that should not be overlooked. Proper fastening stops your feet from sliding forward thus giving you the much needed stability. Your fastening (velcro straps, buckle, or lace-up) should properly fasten over the shoe’s instep to maintain your feet in a suitable and comfortable position.

Construction material

Go for work boots that are made using natural materials like leather and crochet or knitted fabrics. Apart from offering the required support, these materials reduce perspiration thus keeping the wearer’s feet dry all through. This prevents the build-up of bacteria that could lead to foot infections.

Heel height

The appropriate heel height for diabetic work boots should not exceed 1.5 inches or 3 cm. Also note that the wider the heel, the better.

Heel fit

Your chosen work boot should offer your feet a snug foot. Your feet shouldn’t move up and down at the heel region while working.

List Of Work Boots Reviews That Are Best Suited For Diabetics

1. Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer W04826 Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Buccaneer W04826 Work Boot suit for Diabetic

According to the manufacturer of this Wolverine Buccaneer boot, it is a boot that works as hard as you do. In other words, it is a boot that is meant to ensure you can do your job well every work day without experiencing discomfort, soreness, or pain. It is a boot that is unparalleled in many ways.

The boot is manufactured by Wolverine – an American brand known for making premium quality boots utilizing premium quality materials. The brand has been around since the nineteenth century.

This particular boot from the brand is a masterpiece work boot. You can slip it on within moments to get ready for work. So if you are the type of guy who does not want to spend many seconds or minutes playing around with shoelaces every morning, it is the work boot you should buy. It will only take you moments to have both sides on.

Two things about this Wolverine boot one of the highest-quality diabetic work boots – it’s cushion insole and its flexible full-grain leather. The cushion insole provides brilliant comfort making foot soreness or pain unlikely, while the flexible full-grain leather upper does not impede natural movement of the feet and ankles making it unlikely for you to experience discomfort in your feet and ankles.

This boot’s rubber outsole is brilliantly slip-resistant. So if slipping and falling down heavily is something you really do not want as a diabetic, you will be happy to own this boot because it is brilliantly slip-resistant.

The only issue with this boot is that it provides zero safety toe protection.

  • Brilliant diabetic work shoes
  • Easy on and off because of slip on design
  • Flexible leather upper
  • Cushion insole for comfort
  • Long shaft for added protection
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Zero safety toe protection

If you do not mind wearing a boot without safety toe protection, you will find this boot to be one of the high-quality diabetic work boots for men.

2. Dr. Comfort Ranger Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Hiking Boot

Dr. Comfort Ranger Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Hiking Boot suit for Diabetic

This is a boot that is specifically made to enable individuals with diabetes to go on hikes without feeling any pain or discomfort. Everyone knows how painful or sore your feet can be after a long hike.

Everyone also knows diabetic individuals have sensitive feet that need to be well taken care of. This boot is a boot that makes it possible for diabetic individuals to go hiking without risking serious discomfort or pain. It is considered to be among the greatest diabetic hiking boots.

In addition to being a very good hiking boot, this boot is perfect for diabetic workers. This is because it provides the right kind of support, comfort, and stability that is perfect for workers suffering from the disease.

This boot is so comfortable that you can literally stand for more than ten hours throughout your workday without feeling any serious discomfort or soreness. So if work has become more difficult for you over the past few days, weeks, or months because of painful feet, you should try this boot and we promise you, you will notice a difference.

One thing we really like about this boot are its insoles. The insoles are comfy and make standing and walking very pleasant.

I also like this boot’s flexible uppers. They are flexible and hence they promote comfort around the feet. They are also somewhat breathable enough to keep your feet dry and cool.

The one thing that you will not like about this boot is that it does not have a safety toe. So do not wear it to any location where toe protection is required.

  • Diabetic work shoes for men
  • Can be used for hiking
  • Extremely comfortable for diabetics
  • Breathable and flexible leather uppers
  • Comfy and removable insoles
  • Great outsole
  • Non protective work boot

This Dr. Comfort boot is one of the greatest work shoes for diabetics because it is super comfortable and sufficiently protective.

3. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 83606 6" Aluminum Toe Work Boot suit for Diabetic

Those who have owned this highly-rated Irish Setter boot always say one thing about this boot when you ask them about it – that it is extremely comfortable. So if you are a diabetic and you have a job that involves standing up for many hours on concrete or any other hard surface, you should purchase this boot to give your feet an easy time.

This boot is made of full grain leather that is protective and fairly flexible for easy walking and movement. So there is no way you will wear it and feel as if it is bulky or impeding your movement.

The boot has an outsole that is made of rubber and offers great traction.

Probably the most amazing thing about this Irish Setter boot is how protective it is. It offers electrical hazard protection that meets ASTM standards. So if you are an electrician or you work a lot with live wires and circuits, it is the perfect boot for you.

Last but not least, this boot’s outsole is heat-resistant. It can resist melting up to when the temperature hits 475 F. So if you work in road construction or in a heavy industry workplace where there is a lot of heat, you should consider this boot as your next boot.

The worst thing about this boot is that it does not have a safety toe.

  • Among the most comfortable shoes for diabetics
  • Brilliant electrical hazard protection
  • Excellent heat resistant outsole
  • Extremely breathable/non-sweat work boot
  • Great for walking and standing for many hours
  • Relatively cheap but high-quality
  • Non-safety toe

This Irish Setter boot is one of the best diabetic shoes for men. It is perfect for hiking and for working.

4. Dunham Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot suit for Diabetic

With an excellent rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, this work boot has everything you would expect from a highly rated boot. It is comfortable, extremely durable, and really affordable.

The boot is manufactured as a hiking boot. Therefore, it has all the features of a hiking boot. It is its hiking features that make it perfect for use as a work boot.

I love four things about this boot.

First, we love that it is a very comfortable work boot. It is extremely comfortable and dreamy. This is what makes it one of the best work boots for diabetics. If your feet get painful and sore after just

The manufacturer of this boot made it so comfortable that you actually can start enjoying how comfortable it is from day one. It does not require breaking in.

Second, we love that it is one of the greatest diabetic safety boots. This is because it is a boot that comes with multiple safety features including a reinforced rubber toe box that will protect your toes from heavy impact and from crashing objects. So if you want a safe pair of shoes for work, it is one of the pairs on this list that you should strongly consider.

Third, we love that this boot has a very durable outsole. This outsole makes it perfect for hiking and for grinding work. It is because of it that this boot often lasts for between two and three years even when subjected to frequent use and abuse.

Lastly, we love that this boot does not require a break-in period because it is designed to be comfortable from the start. So when you buy this boot, you do not have to brace yourself for extreme pain when you first wear it as is normally the case with leather work boots.

The only thing we don’t love about this boot is the fact that its safety toe is not standard. Otherwise, it is a decent boot with everything to help you work smart and hard.

  • Diabetic safety toe shoes
  • Very safe with protective toe guard
  • Extremely comfy work boots
  • Quite stylish work boot
  • Great for work and for hiking
  • Keeps feet warm and dry
  • Made of quality materials
  • Pricey
  • Does not have ASTM certification.

While this boot does not have a safety toe, it does have a protective guard that works very well. It is a great boot for diabetics because it is comfortable and stable.

5. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot suit for Diabetic

It is rare to find a boot that has been rated over fifteen thousand times on Amazon. Yet this is exactly the case with this Timberland boot. It has been rated over fifteen thousand times and it has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. This shows that it is not only extremely popular but also very impressive.

Moreover, this is a boot that has an Amazon’s Choice label. According to Amazon, what this means is that it is a boot that is well-rated, excellently priced, and ready to ship.

In short, what the information above says about this Timberland boot is that it is a boot that thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) find this boot excellent.

Probably the main reason why many people find this boot excellent is that it is comfortable. This boot has several features that make it highly comfortable. They include its EVA midsole, EVA footbed, padded collar, and padded tongue. Because of these features and others, you can walk many miles with this boot or stand around for hours without experiencing foot soreness or fatigue. These features also make this boot one of the perfect shoes for diabetics mens.

This Timberland boot’s waterproof design is probably another reason why people find this boot excellent. This Timberland boot is perfect for working in wet conditions. This is because its uppers are waterproof, its lace hardware pieces are rustproof, its tongue is fully gusseted, and it is totally seam-sealed. No water will get to your feet when you wear this boot.

One last thing we need to mention about this boot is its outsole. The outsole has multi-directional lugs that make slipping and falling virtually impossible. The level of traction this boot offers is literally unmatched and it makes it extremely slip-resistant.

The only single con we found about this boot as a work boot is that it does not have a standard safety toe. It just has a reinforced leather toe box which may not be suitable for some workers.

  • Diabetic slip resistant work shoes
  • Very stylish work boot
  • Provides instant and all-day comfort
  • Totally waterproof construction finishing
  • Relatively easy to clean compared to other boots
  • Speed lacing design
  • Great for work, hiking, and walkabouts
  • Relatively cheap
  • Non-safety toe work boot

This is a premium Timberland hiking boot that is perfect for use at work because it is comfortable, waterproof, sturdy, and long-lasting.

6. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot suit for Diabetic

Caterpillar makes some of the toughest work boots in the world! This particular work boot is one of their best because it is tough, extremely safe, and very comfortable. These qualities make it one of the greatest diabetic safety shoes.

So just how tough is this boot? Well, it is constructed utilizing very good quality full grain leather and very good quality rubber. These two things plus the advanced construction method used to put it together (Goodyear Welt Construction), make it tough and long-lasting. Even if you weigh more than two hundred pounds and you wear this boot daily, it is unlikely that it won’t hold together for many months.

In terms of safety, this boot is extremely safe because it has multiple safety features. Top among the safety features is the fact that this boot has an ASTM rated steel toe. In fact, according to ASTM standards this boot’s toe box provides the highest protection against toe compression and impact. This makes it among the best diabetic steel toe work shoes.

This boot also provides electrical hazard protection, dangerous slip protection, and protection against overheating.

About comfort, this boot has several qualities that make it super comfortable. First, it has a PU footbed that offers excellent all-day comfort. Second, it has a steel shank that provides additional comfort and support. It also increases stability. Third, it has a rubber outsole that reduces the impact of every step and is slip-resistant. Lastly, its ankle area is padded for maximum comfort. All these four qualities make this boot extremely comfortable.

The only thing you may not like about this boot is that it is an imported boot. Some people say this is bad because it is made by an American brand that could have manufactured it in the USA to put money in the pockets of American workers.

  • Excellent steel toe shoes for diabetics
  • Diabetic steel toe boots
  • Steel shank for max. stability
  • Great flexibility
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Magnificent slip resistance
  • Breathable insole
  • Imported boot

This boot is among the good steel toe boots for diabetics in the world! It has literally everything a diabetic would expect from a boot specifically designed for their sensitive feet.

7. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot suit for Diabetic

Columbia makes brilliant casual shoes, hiking shoes, and work shoes. This particular footwear from them is a masterpiece! It is absolutely perfect for anyone with sensitive feet seeking a comfortable, safe, and waterproof work boot.

According to those who have worn this boot, the level of comfort it provides is pretty darn good. It is so good that you can work for long hours without feeling any pain or soreness in your feet, ankles, or knees. Moreover, it is constructed as a hiking boot so it can handle rough terrain. Therefore, even if you are a construction worker, a landscaper, a farm worker, or a ranch worker, you are unlikely to experience any discomfort from walking or standing on uneven terrain the whole day when you wear this boot.

What we love the most about this boot is how well-constructed it is. It is built to withstand daily use and rough use. It is a boot that you will probably not need to retire for a year and a half or longer even if you wear it virtually every day.

I also love how this Columbia boot is waterproof. The manufacturer made it in such a way to ensure no water can get in and make your feet cold and uncomfortable. So if your workplace constantly has wet conditions – e.g. you work as a plumber or a pipefitter – you should get this boot to protect your feet from getting wet.

One more thing that is really nice about this boot is its outsole. The outsole is one of the things that make this Columbia boot one of the top work boots for diabetic feet. This is because it provides great traction, stability and support.

The only disadvantage we could find about this boot is that it is not a steel toe boot.

  • Among the top work shoes for diabetics
  • Relatively cheap boot
  • Totally waterproof work boot (diabetic snow boots)
  • Lightweight and pretty darn comfortable
  • Highly breathable design
  • Provides a great grip
  • Non-safety toe boot

This boot lacking a safety toe might sound like a bad thing but it is not. It is a gorgeous boot that is strongly recommended for individuals seeking a comfortable work boot.

8. Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s Boot

Skechers Men's Verdict Men's Boot suit for Diabetic

This Skechers boot is a brilliant work boot that is perfect for individuals in work positions that force them to stand the whole day. This is because it is super comfortable and stable.

Three things make this boot very comfy – a cushioned insole, a rubber outsole, and a padded tongue and collar. You will literally love walking in this boot because of how comfortable it is. Moreover, as a diabetic, your sensitive or aching feet will be very happy in this boot because of how comfy it is.

In addition to being comfy, this boot is also waterproof. So if you are looking for a comfy and waterproof diabetic work boot, you should strongly consider this boot.

I found two cons when we was researching this boot – it has no safety toe and it requires a bit of a break-in period.

  • Extremely comfy work boot
  • Can be used as diabetic winter boots
  • Relatively affordable
  • Super waterproof
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Non-safety toe boot
  • Break-in is necessary

Skechers work boot is certainly a top diabetic work shoe despite the cons above.

9. Drew Shoe Men’s Rockford

Drew Shoe Men's Rockford suit for Diabetic

Drew Shoe has been making shoes for over one century. The company’s shoes are best known for being extremely comfortable. This particular one is a modern boot that provides Therapeutic comfort. In other words, it is engineered to provide more safety and comfort than you can normally expect from an ordinary boot. This makes it unique and certainly ranks it as one of the top safety shoes for diabetics.

In terms of safety, this boot is made of flexible nubuck leather. This material will protect and pamper your feet in such a dreamy way. Your aching feet will feel totally cushioned and protected when you wear this boot to work.

In terms of comfort, this boot will protect your feet in three ways. First, it is waterproof. Therefore, it will protect your feet from becoming cold, wet, and uncomfortable. Second, it has a special steel shank that will provide your foot arch with support and keep it free of pressure. Lastly, it has a PU insole that will provide great comfort to your underfoot.

While this boot is amazing, it lacks a safety toe.

  • Among the best diabetic work boots
  • Made of quality materials
  • Waterproof and somewhat insulated
  • Steel shank for max support
  • PU insole for comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Lacks a safety toe

This is a great work boot for diabetics. You will find it perfect if your work does not require you to wear a safety toe boot.

Do and Don’t for those who Wear Diabetic Work Boots?


  • Always wear the right shoe size. Loose fitting boots allow for free leg movement which could lead to mishaps, whereas boots that are too tight could cause constant skin rubbing resulting in bruises.
  • Always put on socks. Stockings and socks reduce moisture accumulation, minimize pressure, and provide a soft and relaxed landing surface for the feet. Note that putting on socks underneath your diabetic work boots is the very first step of protecting your feet from infections.


  • Don’t wear boots featuring synthetic interiors. Materials like plastic, PVC, and artificial leather affect proper air circulation. This could trap heat and sweat resulting in foot infections.
  • Avoid boots whose tongue and sole aren’t cushioned. Keep in mind that cushions protect the wearer’s feet from friction.
  • Do not wear high-heeled boots. High-heeled boots are not recommended as they exert additional pressure on your foot’s support. Just a little extra pressure on this particular area could lead to swelling and eventually calluses.


Q. Are crocs good for diabetics? Should diabetics wear sandals?

Diabetics can benefit a lot from crocs. Given that diabetics often have reduced blood circulation in their feet, they are at much higher risk of open sores as well as wound infections. The extra room accompanied with the antibacterial properties associated with crocs helps to fight these issues.

Diabetics should, however, stay away from sandals. The straps found in sandals could exert pressure on some areas of your foot resulting in blisters and sores. In addition, open-toe footwear makes one vulnerable to injuries such as cuts.

Q. Do diabetics need special shoes?

Yes, they do. Their feet tend to be sensitive or achy and, therefore, they need very comfortable shoes to be able to walk around or to work without feeling any pain/discomfort in their feet.

Q. Should diabetics wear steel toe boots?

If they are wide and roomy then there is no problem.

Q. Should diabetics wear socks to bed? What socks should diabetics wear? Why can’t diabetics wear black socks?

Generally, it is not advisable for diabetics to wear socks at night because socks can hinder normal blood circulation. Only wear compression socks when they are recommended by a doctor. Ignore the myth that diabetics can only wear white socks. Just do what your doctor says and you will be okay.


As you have discovered in the article above, there are dozens of diabetic work boots on the market including for cowboy.

The best diabetic work boots on the market are those that are extremely comfortable, have a wide toe box, and offer plenty of safety.

Consider one in all and buy it!

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