Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather

In search of a brilliant pair of summertime work boots?

You in the right place. In this article, Workwear Magazine will reveal to you the very best summer work boots. All the boots I will review in this article are engineered to prevent sweating and overheating when you are working during summer.

They are also comfortable and durable. Simply put, in the next few minutes you are going to discover boots that are not only perfect for summertime work but also have all the features you need as a worker to do your work safely and properly.

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 12

The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews in 2023

1. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6″ Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 1

Made in America, this pair of work boots delivers plenty of comfort. And it is especially perfect for work during summer. This is because it is extremely breathable. More on this in a moment.

There is so much to love about this boot.

First, this Red Wing boot is built using a special leather that can wick away moisture. This is what makes it perfect for summer because it ensures that even when your feet sweat during summer, they don’t become sweaty because the leather will take away the sweat/moisture. This will ensure your feet remain cool and dry when you are working in summer. No discomfort to affect your performance.

Second, it has a special footbed that can mold into the exact shape of your foot to deliver instant comfort. You will never feel any sort of discomfort when working with this boot.

Third, you already know that this boot wicks away moisture to ensure your feet don’t get sweaty and uncomfortable. But what about external moisture? Does it protect against that? Yes, it does. This boot prevents moisture from getting in because it is built using a water repellent leather. So even if you accidently pour water on them or step in water, your feet will remain comfortable.

Lastly, this boot has a special outer sole that provides magnificent traction, which makes slipping and falling highly unlikely.

The only thing not to love about this boot is that some people may find it a bit narrow. In other words, it is a boot you should avoid especially if you have wide or big feet.


  • Great-looking summer waterproof boots
  • Made of a protective but flexible leather material
  • Coolest summer work boots
  • Highly comfortable and supportive
  • Remains cool during hot days
  • Provides great traction
  • Extremely durable boot


  • Not suitable for persons with big or wide feet

This is a wonderful summertime boot because it delivers excellent moisture-wicking. It is also comfy and slip-resistant.

2. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Non-Safety Toe Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 2

This Thorogood boot is among the best work boots for summer in my opinion. I say this because it does keep feet cool and dry even when the weather is hot and humid.

How can this boot keep your feet cool and dry in hot and humid weather? Well, through a special cotton lining. This internal lining enhances the flow of air inside the boot taking away moisture and ensuring your feet remain cool and dry even under the midday sun.

Like most of the latest Thorogood boots, this boot boasts a shock-absorbing footbed and a special cushioning insole. You will love how both work to ensure your feet are ultra comfortable. They provide such great comfort that you can walk all day on a hard surface such as concrete and not have sore feet at the end of the day.

If you want a pair of comfortable summer boots and you believe this Thorogood boot is the right boot but you are not sure about how well the outer sole performs, worry not. This outer sole of this boot offers perfect traction that will make it hard for you to slip even if you purposely try to do so. It will keep you safe from falling and getting nasty injuries.

This Thorogood boot also has the capability to protect you from electrical hazards in the workplace.

The only flaw I found with this boot is a minor flaw – it needs to wear it a bit to break it in.


  • Made in the United States using quality materials
  • Keeps feet cool and dry
  • Slip-resistant wedge outer sole
  • Built for maximum durability
  • Provides electrical hazard resistance (18,000 volts)
  • Offers great comfort even after months of use


  • It needs a two-week break-in period

This is a magnificent summer work boot that is comfy, breathable, protective, and provides great traction.

3. Bates Men’s USMC DuraShock Steel Toe Hot Weather Military & Tactical Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 3

Looking for the best work boots for hot weather? Well, if the boot you are looking for must also be stylish, comfortable, and safe, then you have found what you are looking for.

Made by Bates – a legendary American boot maker – this pair of warm weather work boots looks very trendy. This is primarily because it is made of premium quality leather and it features a stylish and lightweight design.

When you are working outdoors in the summer, you need a boot that is going to make sure your feet don’t sweat and become uncomfortable. This boot is exactly that kind of BOOT. Because it features a lining capable of wicking away moisture, this boot can and will wick away sweat from your feet to keep them cool and dry. It will do this even at the peak of summer.

In addition to this lining, this boot has got a mesh tongue and collar that makes it even more breathable. Both the tongue and the collar are padded for max comfort.

The comfort underneath your feet will be provided by a cushioned insole in each boot.

To make this boot safe for work, the manufacturer added a steel toe box, a rubber slip-resistant outer sole, and a tall shaft for ankle protection.

The only negative thing about this boot is how costly it is but this is expected considering its quality.


  • Steel-toe summertime work boots
  • Shock-absorbing removable insole
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Composite shank for support and stability
  • Oil resistant and slip resistant outer sole
  • Breathable mesh work boots


  • A bit expensive

Despite being a bit expensive, this boot is great in so many ways. It is perfect for working outside during summer because it will not make your feet to feel as if they are in a furnace.

4. Timberland PRO 26078 Mens Titan 6″ Waterproof Alloy Toe Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 4

The Timberland PRO line is one of the best work boot lines. This particular boot is one of their best boots from the PRO line and it is of very good quality. I have included it on this list because it is a very breathable work boot.

Featuring a premium safety toe box, this Timberland boot will provide you with excellent toe protection. Your toes will neither be crushed nor compressed when you wear this boot to work.

This Timberland PRO boot is built utilizing strong leather. This means it is capable of offering you with all-round protection. The leather is premium leather and it is combined with rubber to offer you great durability.

According to those who have worn this boot for months, it is a very comfortable work boot. It stays comfortable even when worn for long hours. And rarely do users experience soreness at the end of the day. The bottom of this Timberland boot features a thick rubber outer sole that acts as a shock-absorber hence providing extra comfort.

The footbed in this work boot has an open cell design. This design enables free air flow in the footbed. This free air circulation promotes cooling and reduces sweating. It is the reason why this boot is one of the best summer work boots.

What makes this boot even more appropriate for use during summer is its antimicrobial properties. Because they make this boot odor free. In other words, what I am trying to say is that this boot can continue smelling fresh even if you wear it somewhere where it gets too warm and sweaty.

The only thing not very nice about this boot is the fact that it is relatively expensive.


  • Comfy boot with PU footbed
  • Very durable work boot
  • Moldable footbed design
  • Slip-resistant and odor-resistant
  • Stays cool in hot weather
  • Waterproof


  • Relatively expensive

This boot may be costly but considering its quality and its features, I can say it is worth every cent.

5. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 5

On Amazon this boot is very highly rated. This shows that many people who have bought it have been satisfied by its looks and its performance.

In my opinion, this beautiful pair of summer work boots is among the most comfortable work shoes on the market. It comes with plenty of comfort features.

The features include an EVA midsole that provides magnificent shock absorption especially on hard surfaces e.g. concrete surfaces and a removable footbed that provides cushioning and support throughout the workday.

To make this boot the best hot weather boot, the manufacturer added a special lining that can wick away moisture. By wicking away moisture, this lining will keep your feet dry and cool even when you are working outside in the midday summer sun.

Those who love working deserve a boot that can provide them with the stability and, therefore, the confidence to do their work. This boot provides great stability even on oily surfaces thanks to its slip-resistant outer sole.

This KEEN Utility boot also offers steel toe protection. It will protect your toes against getting severed, crushed or badly injured in case something heavy accidentally falls on them.

The worse thing about this boot is that its insole is supportive but not cushioning. It is good for many workers but not great for those needing excellent cushioning.


  • Made of high-quality waterproof leather
  • Moisture-wicking lining for great protection
  • Unique midsole for shock absorption and support
  • Slip and oil-resistant work boot
  • Safety steel toe for toe protection


  • Some say its insole is not cushioning enough

While this boot is not the best in terms of cushioning it is definitely top tier work boot for summer because it does not allow feet to get hot and sweaty and it is super protective.

6. WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 6

To ensure your feet remain cool and dry throughout the workday even if you are working under the hot summer sun, this Wolverine boot is cleverly built with textile and leather. The textile-leather construction ensures this boot provides the perfect balance between breathability and durability. In other words, it makes this work shoe cool, dry, and long lasting.

This work shoe has three features that I like a lot.

First, it has a uniquely engineered outer sole that is chemical, abrasion, water, and oil-resistant. To put it in another way, this boot does not start wearing and tearing quickly and it makes slipping and injuring oneself nearly impossible.

Second, it has a special Ortholite footbed. This footbed delivers both support and cushioning beneath the feet. It kind of makes walking in this boot to feel like walking on a thick and comfy carpet.

Lastly. It has a composite safety toe that offers crucial toe protection. While this composite safety toe is not a steel safety toe, it is lighter and offers ASTM-standard protection.

The only thing I do not like a lot about this boot is how stiff it is initially. However, after being worn for about a week or two, it becomes flexible and ultra comfortable.


  • Among the best steel toe boots for summer
  • Breathable and waterproof for cool and dry feet
  • Boasts a special cushioning footbed
  • Prevents toe crushing or injuries


  • Requires a 7 to 14 days break-in period

This is among the most popular and highly-rated work boots for hot weather. It is simultaneously highly breathable and durable.

7. Ariat Terrain Waterproof Hiking Boot (Men’s Leather Waterproof Outdoor Hiking)

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 7

This boot from ARIAT is officially a hiking boot. However, many people also rank it as one of the top waterproof summer boots for work. The reason why is that it features a 100% waterproof membrane that prevents any moisture from getting in. If you have worked for a long time then you definitely know what an unpleasant experience it is to have water or excess moisture in your work boot. If you get this boot, it is highly unlikely you will ever have such an unpleasant experience again.

The waterproofness of this ARIAT boot also makes it the perfect boot for many outdoor jobs including farming, gardening, landscaping, construction, roofing, and so on.

Why is this boot in this list of best summer work shoes? Because it removes moisture/sweat from inside the boot when it is too hot hence preventing moisture accumulation and keeping feet cool and dry.

The only thing that is not so great about this ARIAT boot is its outer sole traction. It is not the best especially on oily surfaces.


  • Stylish waterproof work boot
  • Perfect for summer
  • Sturdy and durable outer sole
  • Relatively cheap
  • Great underfoot cushioning


  • Does not provide the best traction

While this boot’s traction is problematic, it is one of the best work boots for men of its kind. It is strong, waterproof, protective, and great for hard outdoor work in the summer.

8. Carhartt Men’s CMX4023 Lightweight Casual Wedge, 4″ Soft Moc Toe Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 8

Lightweight, comfortable and extremely breathable, this Carhartt CMX4023 work boot is one of the best boots for hot weather. It is a boot that you will enjoy wearing in hot weather because it does not get too hot or too sweaty like most work boots.

What makes this boot breathable is its moisture-wicking lining. It wicks away sweat quickly to keep feet dry. While you would naturally assume that this lining is this boot’s best feature, it is not. The boot comes with Ortholite cushion insoles that cushion the underfoot to ensure maximum comfort.

The insoles are complemented by shock-absorbing midsoles.

The outer sole of this Carhartt boot is made of rubber for excellent grip and traction. This makes this boot better than the above ARIAT boot.

The only somewhat negative thing worth noting about this work boot is that its hooks protrude and they can press into your feet when you are in the kneeling position and your feet are on the floor. This is not really a big issue but it is worth noting.


  • Brilliant pair of summer working boots
  • Flexible upper for natural movement
  • High-traction and durable outer sole
  • Very well cushioned boot
  • Fast dry moisture-wicking tech


  • Protruding hooks can be a problem in some body positions

This Carhartt boot is a flawless summer work boot that you should get if you are looking for a boot that can really keep your feet dry in hot weather.

9. Reebok Work Duty Men’s Rapid Response RB RB8694 6″ Tactical Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 9

If you have worn a pair of Reebok shoes before then you would naturally not expect a Reebok shoe to be part of this list of best summer work boots. But here we are. Reebok makes great work boots alongside its famous sneakers and sports shoes.

This particular Reebok shoe is a tactical boot and it is perfect for outdoor jobs in the summer heat. Why? Because it is constructed using textile and leather to make it both breathable and durable.

Unlike most work boots on the market, this one has several features that make it fun and convenient to own. For example, it comes with a side zipper besides its laces. This zipper basically turns it into a slip on boot that you can easily and quickly put on or remove.

The boot comes with a toe cap to provide your toes with protection from rocks, stubs, tools or heavy objects that may come into heavy contact with its toe area.

It also has a special outer sole to protect you from electrical hazards at the work place.

One more thing I have to mention about this work boot is that it is relatively cheap in contrast to most work boots.

While this boot looks perfect, it is not. It has a few minor issues including the little fact that it is not waterproof.


  • Lightweight summer work boots
  • Comfortable, breathable and durable
  • Versatile boot from a renowned brand
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Brilliant toe protection
  • Inexpensive


  • Not a waterproof boot

If you do not mind the lack of waterproofness, this boot is among the top work boots for hot weather. It is perfect for military men, law enforcement officers, police officers, security officers, and so on. It is also great for hiking and casual wear.

10. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 with Zipper Military and Tactical Boot

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 10

This Under Armour boot is a stylish tactical boot just like the Reebok boot above. Besides being a fashionable work boot, it is engineered to enable walking or working for long hours on hot sand or surfaces without becoming too hot or too sweaty.

The very best thing about this boot is how foot-pampering it is. You will feel great comfort when you slip your feet into this boot. It is comfortable because it is a running/tactical shoe hybrid. How does being a running shoe hybrid make it comfortable? Because like most running shoes, it has a lightweight design and a cushioned sole for easy and effortless movement. You will love working while wearing this boot.

The second best thing about this boot is that it provides very beautiful support. You will not feel any soreness even after a tough day of work while wearing this boot.

One more great thing about this boot is that it has great slip-resistance. This means it offers great stability, which is perfect for those who want to really perform at work.

Because this Under Armour boot is foot-pampering, supportive, and slip-resistant, it is perfect for various jobs. You will find it to be perfect for you if you are a security guard, a soldier, a law enforcement officer, or a firefighter. You will also find this boot to be adequate if you are a truck driver, a loader, a landscaper, or a factory assembly worker.

The worst thing about this particular boot is that it is not extremely durable.


  • One of the best mens summer work boots
  • Very breathable and lightweight
  • Provides superior foot cushioning
  • Offers great slip-resistance
  • Thick tongue and collar
  • Antimicrobial treatment inside


  • Not extremely durable

Despite not being very durable, this boot is absolutely wonderful to own because it is perfect for working outdoors in high temperatures.

What’s happens when you wear work boots in the summer? 

Most work boots are made of a thick leather material to protect your feet better. This material automatically makes them warm and perfect for cold seasons. Some of them additionally have insulating linings that make them even warmer and suitable even for the coldest winters. Because of this, when you wear a work boot in summer it will most likely make your feet feel too hot and sweaty. This will most likely affect your performance negatively.

To prevent boots from becoming too hot in summer, manufacturers are nowadays making work shoes that are very breathable. These shoes promote cooling and prevent sweating even when you are working in the hot summer sun.

What kind of boots you should to wear in the summer?    

Top 10 The Best Summer Work Boots for Hot Weather Reviews 11

The kind of shoes you should wear during summer are those that are very breathable or have a moisture-wicking lining. Why? Well, when you wear the standard work boot during summer your feet are going to get too warm/hot and they are going to sweat a lot. Sweaty feet are not only unpleasant but also affect balance/stability and reduce performance.

In contrast, when you wear a work boot that is breathable, it will promote airflow around your feet and ensure your feet do not get too warm and sweaty. This will ensure you are able to continue working even when the sun is very bright and hot.

Similarly, a work boot that has a moisture-wicking lining will quickly remove all beads of sweat from around your feet to ensure they do not get sweaty. This will also allow you to continue working.

5 Must-Have Features the best work boots for summer 

The best work boots for summer are the ones that have the following features:

1. They are waterproof

The best work shoes are waterproof. If you are working in an area where it rains a lot or the work floor gets wet a lot, you should make sure your work boot is waterproof. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of water getting to your feet when you are at work. Everyone knows how water in the work boot can be unpleasant and can negatively affect performance.

2. They have safety toes

If you work somewhere where the risk of your toes getting crushed or compressed by something is very real, you need to make sure your summer work boots have safety toes. Safety toes can be made of either aluminum, steel or composite materials. They protect the toes from crushing and compression forces.

3. They are well-made

The best work boots are those that are well-constructed utilizing high-quality materials. Boots that are not well-constructed are often not durable. They break down or fail within a few short weeks or months. In contrast, those that are well-made with the best materials typically last long and can handle a lot of abuse.

4. They are stable and slip-resistant

The best work boots are very stable. They provide you with a solid platform to do your work as best as you can. They are also slip and oil-resistant. In other words, you can even step on oily, greasy, or wet surfaces and your probability of slipping and falling will be virtually zero.

5. They are comfortable

Let’s face it, you cannot work or do anything meaningful when the shoes you are wearing are uncomfortable. For this reason, you must ensure the summer work boot you want to wear is very comfortable.

Nearly all the best summer work boots on my list have all these features.


1. How to remove scuffs from summer whites shoes?

Pour a small volume of bleach into a small container. Add an equal amount of water. Dip a toothbrush into the mix and use it to scrub off the scuffs. After you are done, dry your shoes to ensure the leather does not get affected.

2. What shoes or boots are recommended for summer?

The best work boots for summer are those that can keep your feet cool and dry despite the summer heat. These are boots that have a moisture-wicking lining or have cutouts for breathability. All the boots I have reviewed in this article are good boots for summertime work.

3. How to keep summer shoes smelling good?

If you want your summer shoes to keep smelling good you should buy socks that ensure max air flow. You should also make sure you wear new socks every day. Repeating socks is probably the biggest cause of smelly shoes. Lastly, if you can get a talcum powder, get it and apply a bit of it into your shoes before wearing them.

4. What foot width is considered wide?

To know if your foot width is wider than normal, you should measure the length and width of your feet and then compare your measurement with the normal measurements as per shoe company sizing charts. The charts will tell you if you need a wider boot than normal.

Conclusion: What are the best summer work boots?

It is important to purchase and use summer work boots especially if you want to work outdoors during summer. If you do not get a pair of best summer work boots, you will quickly start experiencing problems when working in the summer heat. Your feet will start getting too hot, too sweaty, and too smelly.

As you have discovered in this article, there are plenty of summer work boots in the United States. It is up to you to consider the pros and cons of each boot to select the one that impresses you the most. By choosing one of the boots I have reviewed in this list, you will have boots that can keep your feet cool and dry even in the hot summer sun.

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