Top 10 Best Shoes for Barbers

To prevent foot problems from standing all day, prepare yourself with the best shoes for barbers. These shoes will help you feel more comfortable while working as well as support your feet.

Via this article, we have compiled some quality shoes and analyzed them carefully. We also share with you some buying tips. Let’s take a look at!

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Comprehensive Reviews Of The Best Shoes for Barbers 2023

#1. Dockers Trustee Leather Oxford Shoes

Dockers Trustee Leather Oxford - Best Overall
Dockers Trustee Leather Oxford – Best Overall

Barbers often have to stand on concrete floors for more than 12 hours a day. So, they desperately need a pair of shoes that can bring maximum comfort to them.

The Dockers Trustee is our first choice on the list. These leather Oxford shoes are pretty soft and supple. Plus, they come with great features. The soft rubber footbed and technology for comfort on the move is one of my favorite features. Your every step feels light and not rough at all.

Dockers have used a flexible construction on this shoe. What’s more, Dockers Trustee also comes with a premium full-grain leather upper. It creates a glossy and trendy look for the overall design.

The Dockers Trustee has passed APMA‘s test of barber shoe standards. So, they are completely healthy and will provide maximum support for your feet.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Polishable leather upper.
  • Good support.
  • APMA accepted.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear.


  • It takes time for the break-in process.

Bottom line

For a highly affordable price, the experience you get when using Dockers Trustee will leave you satisfied. They are the perfect combination of comfort and fashion that barbers will appreciate.

#2. Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 - Best for Shock Absorption
Nike Air Force 1 – Best for Shock Absorption

We all know “comfort is king” when choosing shoes for barbers. The perfect shoe with that statement that we would recommend to you is the Nike Air Force 1.

A durable foam midsole and soft cushioning provide excellent shock absorption. Thanks to that, your feet will not have to bear too much pressure when working all day.

The upper part of the Nike Air Force 1 includes just enough ventilation holes to increase the shoe’s ventilation. As a result, your feet will feel odorless and dry. Glossy black leather covers the entire shoe for a professional look.

The padding around the collar reduces friction between the skin and the shoe. Thanks to that, you won’t have to face problems like scratches or roughness after a while.

Premium leather and durable rubber sole give the shoe a sturdy look. And the Nike Air Force 1 is going to last a long time. Plus, it provides excellent traction that keeps you from slipping while walking.


  • Classic look.
  • Shock-absorption.
  • It keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Smooth transitions.
  • Good traction.


  • It runs relatively tiny.

Bottom line

Coupled with crisp leather trims, the Nike Air Force 1 has a clean and professional look. These great shoes will give you absolute comfort when wearing to get the job done.

#3. Adidas Ultraboost Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost - Best for Foot Support
Adidas Ultraboost – Best for Foot Support

We don’t need to say much about the durability and quality of the shoes from Adidas. One of the most suitable shoes for barbers is the Adidas Ultraboost.

These super-energizing sneakers will provide the most comfortable experience for barbers to use. The Energy-Returning Boost midsole is a great innovation. This shoe helps to disperse the impact force and create a bounce so it won’t make you tired.

These shoes are soft yet durable. The worries about your feet blistering after a period of use can fade away with it. Better shoes, healthier feet.

The Adidas Ultraboost comes with breathable mesh to keep the foot relaxed and balance the airflow. Thanks to that, you will feel cool all day long. The rubber outsole provides a secure grip. You can move quickly around the room and still be confident with your steps.


  • Athletic look.
  • Good support for your feet.
  • Breathable material.
  • Relaxing to wear.
  • Durable and reliable.


  • You should order a half size larger.

Bottom line

Not only it has great features, but the Adidas Ultraboost also comes with a highly stylish look. It has a very sporty feel, and you will look very young when wearing it. Whether at the barbershop or walking with friends, these shoes will shine.

#4. Dansko Wyatt Dress Casual Shoes

Dansko Wyatt Dress Casual - Best for Durability
Dansko Wyatt Dress Casual – Best for Durability

Since 1990, Dansko has remained a great brand for anyone looking for the right pair of barber shoes. Dansko Wyatt is the perfect blend of style and comfort.

The sole has a triple-density EVA layer to keep you in a comfortable position. EVA is a rubber-like material that increases the ability to walk and stand for long periods of time. In addition, Dansko has added padding to the sole to help the feet relax more.

Dansko Wyatt’s premium leather material helps it last a long time. Over time, it still won’t show signs of cracking or hardening. What’s even better is the antibacterial sock built into the shoe. This feature keeps the wearer’s feet dry and prevents odors.

The synthetic sole provides excellent durability and traction. It also helps the shoes become lighter so you can move flexibly.


  • Durable shoes.
  • Premium leather.
  • Good traction.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Cool and dry mesh lining.


  • The laces are hard to tie.

Bottom line

Along with its elegant design, Dansko Wyatt is the top choice for barbers for its durability. Although it is kinds of expensive compared to the common ground, it is incredibly worthy of owning.

#5. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Cash Oxford - Best for Anti-fatigue Feature
Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Cash Oxford – Best for Anti-fatigue Feature

Appearing since 1965, Dr. Scholl has proven itself as a brand that produces the highest quality barber shoes. To take a typical example, we choose Dr. Scholl Cash Oxford.

These shoes are supple and soft. Along with its elegant look, you will look extremely elegant when wearing it to work.

Dr. Scholl Cash Oxford is exceptionally great at relieving foot and lower body pain. It also helps you to reduce foot problems. The softly rounded toe section will give your toes plenty of room to move. It comes with soft padding, so you will always feel comfortable when standing on it.

We are happy with the material of Dr. Scholl Cash Oxford. The upper part material is faux leather, so it is very durable and breathable. Additionally, the neoprene tongue and collar are lightweight, so they don’t pull your feet.

The shoes come with a lace-up upper so that you can adjust the size to your liking. Cleaning and sanitizing it is effortless as you can machine wash it. This feature is great because it cuts down on your daily task.


  • Machine washable.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Flexible and durable sole.
  • Good arch support.
  • Anti-fatigue.


  • It wears out quickly.

Bottom line

The Dr. The Scholl Cash Oxford offers outstanding arch support thanks to its thick and elastic inner padding. So, you can safely carry it all day without feeling sore feet.

#6. SOREL Joan of Arctic Boots

SOREL Joan of Arctic - Best for Rainy Season
SOREL Joan of Arctic – Best for Rainy Season

Girls definitely won’t want their feet wet when going to work in the rainy season. In addition, you should not underestimate hairdressing chemicals because they can hurt the skin. A waterproof shoe like the Sorel Joan Of Arctic will be the best choice for you.

Not only waterproof, but these shoes are also very comfortable and breathable to have an excellent wearing experience. A removable molded PU footbed is perfect for easy cleaning. Plus, the synthetic lining is soft, so you can wear it for hours without feeling sore.

The invisible extra heel is probably a feature that women love very much. It makes you look taller and more elegant. Appearance is critical, right?

As a pair of Chelsea boots, the Sorel Joan Of Arctic has an elegant and dramatic look. You can pair it with both jeans or leggings for a graceful look.


  • Easy transition from chic dress look.
  • Excellent traction in wet weather.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Invisible heel.
  • Rubber soles keep your feet warmer.


  • It is not suitable for narrow feet.

Bottom line

While comfort is essential, women will often pay attention to design when choosing the best shoes for barbers. Fortunately, Sorel Joan Of Arctic meets both aspects. You can make your decision from a variety of colors depending on your preferences.

#7. Skechers Go Walk Joy Shoes

Skechers Go Walk Joy - Best for Walking on Concrete
Skechers Go Walk Joy – Best for Walking on Concrete

The Skechers Go Walk Joy will give you a gentle feeling like walking on clouds. If you know its weight, you will be surprised because it is so light.

Its weight relies mainly on a synthetic sole and breathable mesh with a feeble brain in the lining. Even if you have to stand for long hours in the salon, these shoes will serve you well.

Its design is straightforward. However, Skechers cleverly attached the logo to the dashboard, making the overall very impressive. So, you can use it when going to work and traveling or walking on the street.

The heel is not too high so that you will keep a good balance on this shoe. The 5GEN padding will also provide support and maximum comfort.

The Skechers Go Walk Joy is especially suitable for those with foot problems. When putting it on, all the pain seemed to disappear. It fits perfectly and is exceptionally breathable.


  • Good cooling effect.
  • Breathable, comfortable, and lightweight.
  • Professional look.
  • Comfortable walking.
  • Good support for painful feet.


  • It is not waterproof.

Bottom line

For a reasonable price, we didn’t find much to fault about the Skechers Go Walk Joy. Enjoy the great feeling of walking in this shoe because you deserve it.

#8. Clarks Escalade Step Shoes

Clarks Escalade Step - Best for Long-hour Standing
Clarks Escalade Step – Best for Long-hour Standing

The Clarks Escalade Step gives the barber a comfortable feel and good stability. So, you can stand in those shoes all day long without feeling tired.

Quality insoles with dual-density materials ensure your feet stay comfortable. It also provides excellent support to prevent foot injuries.

Its synthetic sole keeps you from slipping while moving in the salon. The Clarks Escalade Step’s pleated sole design provides durability to keep your foot stable. The relatively long blade with thick padding will protect you from risks when working. In addition, it is also enjoyable for your skin.


  • Affordable.
  • Traction is amazing.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Elegant style.


  • The size runs small.

Bottom line

With barbers who love dancing to Jazz music, Clarks Escalade Step will bring you the best experience. It’s sturdy, smooth, and has great support. Standing all day will no longer be torture when you own these shoes.

#9. Dansko Professional Shoes

Clarks Escalade Step - Best for Long-hour Standing
Clarks Escalade Step – Best for Long-hour Standing

For professional barbers, their working days are very long. It means they have to stand longer during the day. So they need an option like Dansko Professional Mule to be more productive.

Dansko has appeared twice on this list, and we believe you will understand why. These shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear with 100% genuine leather material.

Cushioning in the forefoot, toe box, and memory foam provide extreme comfort and support. Polysynthetic leather makes the inner frame and outsole reduce weight. The outsole is very light but highly abrasion and water-resistant. Dansko Professional Mule uses oil-treated leather for maximum durability.


  • A variety of support.
  • Thick foot mattress.
  • Abrasion and slip-resistant outsole.
  • Spacious toe box.
  • Durable and sturdy materials.


  • The sizes are inconsistent.

Bottom line

The Dansko Professional Mule is not only comfortable but also extremely fashionable. It understands the psychology of women as it allows you to choose from thirty different colors and designs. No wonder every professional barber loves them.

#10. VANGELO Professional Clog Shoes

VANGELO Professional Clog - Best for Optimal Safety
VANGELO Professional Clog – Best for Optimal Safety

You know the feeling when you clumsy hair dye in your favorite shoes. And no matter how you scrub it, it won’t go away. Instead, it just makes the stain worse and damages the material. It won’t happen if you’re wearing these clogs from award-winning footwear manufacturer, Vangelo.

The geometrical design can carry liquids and grip wet surfaces. No wonder it’s also favorite footwear among barbers, who are constantly battling with stains, and slick surfaces.

Inside is an EVA foam lining and a removable ortholite insole that makes these shoes durable and comfortable. It also has antibacterial properties to block sweat-causing bacteria in addition. Now all this doesn’t sound good for your feet?

We also can’t help mentioning that the American Pediatric Association (APMA) considers these shoes a good choice for your health. It also passed the  Precision Lab Tests USA.


  • Ultimate safety.
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant.
  • Outstanding in slip resistance.
  • Comfortable, removable inner lining.
  • Light and durable.


  • It does not have a toe box.

Bottom line

The salon environment can be full of dangers that interfere with your workflow, and for that, you need a Vangelo Professional. It will protect you from harmful agents. Moreover, these shoes also help to improve the quality of health as tested by experts. Truly a bargain!

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Barbers


Materials are our top priority when evaluating hairdressers’ shoes. It affects the performance and durability of the shoes you choose. So, look for shoes with quality materials.

Nowadays, people often use leather or fabric as the primary material for shoes. They are breathable and durable materials.

The upper part of the shoe is often exposed to hair and chemicals. So, the suitable material must be able to protect your feet from coming into contact with those liquids. Synthetic materials are the best choice.

The outsole of the shoe is also of great interest. You’ll want to find an outsole that’s sturdy and has a good grip. If so, choose rubber or synthetics because these materials grip the road very well.

Shape Of Your Feet

Usually, people are only interested in the size of the foot, including length and width. But the shape of the foot is also fundamental when choosing shoes. If you choose the wrong way, your feet will be prone to painful blisters and calluses.

The shape of the foot is also known as the foot arch type. There are many different types of foot shapes. You can check the list above again to find the most suitable barbers shoes for you.

Low-arched or Flat Feet

If the arch or ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot is low to the ground and very flexible, it’s a low arch.

Since this type of foot is quite flexible, they tend to roll inward. Over time, it contributes to muscle tension and joint problems.

You should look for shoes with a midfoot or straight end. It helps keep your feet straight, even in motion. In the long run, this type of shoe will protect your feet from injury.

Medium or Neutral-arched Feet

This foot is not too curved nor too flat. Its flexibility is relatively moderate.

It’s tough to find the right shoes for medium arched feet. As a result, your heels may be sore or tight over time.

Look for shoes with sturdy midsoles and midsoles, straight or semi-curved elongated ones. It will create stable comfort for your feet.

Best Shoes For Barbers 3

High-arched Feet

The high arch type of foot is easy to identify because its location is relatively high off the ground. Having too little contact with the ground puts more pressure on your feet. Look for shoes with high cushioning that share more minor of the force transmitted on foot.


A good pair of shoes for barbers helps them relieve foot fatigue and provides absolute ventilation. The worst thing you want to get a customer’s attention is a stinky foot. Therefore, it is vital to look for shoes with ventilation panels and ventilation holes.

You should also take care of the material. An example of these is synthetic materials, preferably nylon mesh as well as open foam panels. This material has perfect air circulation. Breathable and roomy knit fabrics also help cool and prevent odor on your feet.


Heavy and thick shoes will only make you tired. Either way, you’ll have to move and stand all day. Material and cushioning are often the parts that will determine the weight of the shoe.

Of course, we still recommend you to choose shoes with cushioning because they will be more comfortable. However, select breathable materials such as foam. Other lightweight shoe materials include nylon, polyester, and blown rubber.


Shoes that are difficult to bend will only aggravate toe splints, arch pain, and shin numbness. By gently bending the shoe over the heel and toe, you can test the shoe’s flexibility.

A flexible shoe should create a crease along the line just enough for you to get comfortable and firm support. Conversely, a shoe that is too soft will often not last.


As an employee in the beauty industry, of course, you will have to refine your appearance. Some hair salons usually come with uniforms. Therefore, you can only express your personality through shoes.

So, you can put your personal preferences in when choosing barber shoes. However, don’t sacrifice your comfort for looks!

Best Shoes For Barbers 2

What Are Shoes For Barbers?

Shoes for barbers are usually low-cut and black. The heel of this type of shoe is usually 1 to 2 inches high. It can be any type of shoe like sneakers, crocs, or jelly shoes. These shoes need to provide comfort and flexibility so that the hairdresser can stand on them all day.

Why Do Barbers Love Black Shoes?

Usually, barbers love black shoes. The main reason is that barbers often work with a lot of chemicals. These chemicals can cause yellowing on the surface. Black shoes will help create a cleaner and more professional look for barbers.

How Can You Take Care Of The Best Shoes For Barbers?

To keep your shoes looking new and lasting for years, we need to take care of them. You can refer to our process for cleaning shoes.

First, use a damp cloth to wipe the shoes several times. After that, you just leave them alone. Then apply a layer of leather conditioner to the boots in case the material is leather. Use another dry cloth to massage the product until the conditioner absorbs well into the shoe.

Finally, let the shoes dry in a warm, dry environment for three to five hours. That’s it. You can enjoy your work.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best shoes for barbers is not easy because the market has so many unique and diverse models. But you should not be too concerned with the design but pay more attention to their features.

Please consider your situation as well as your needs to make the right choice. We are glad to help you make your decision so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

Thank you for reading!

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