Top 8 Best Oil Resistant Work Boots

In many work environments, oil spills on the work floor are common. Examples of such work environments include gas stations, service shops, dealerships, oil and gas factories, and so on.

To work safely in such environments, you need to wear a work boot that is oil-resistant. Because without such a work boot, your likelihood of slipping and injuring yourself will be very high.

In this article, Workwear Magazine will show you the best oil resistant work boots. These are work boots that offer safety and stability when you are working on a slippery surface or ground whether there is oil or not.

So if you are in any work environment that requires you to always wear boots that provide very high traction, you will read all about them in this article plus their pros and cons.

Let’s begin.

Top 8 The Best Oilfield Work Boots Reviews In 2023

1. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot
Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

This Merrell boot is among the top oilfield work boots in 2023. Four things about it are very impressive. It is comfortable, durable, wide, and has got high-traction.

This Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator boot is extremely comfortable. The majority of people who have tried this boot agree that it is quite comfortable. However, considering that feet different in terms of shape, size, arches, widths, and so on, not all people will find this boot comfortable.

However, if you happen to be the majority and this boot’s design matches your feet, you will love wearing it.

The boot also does not die. It is extremely durable. You will wear it for months and it will not show any significant signs of wearing and tearing. It will not be ripped or shredded even if you subject it to very intense use and abuse.

Featuring a high-traction outer sole, this boot deserves its spot at the top of this list of best non slip oil resistant shoes.

How good is the traction on this boot?

Well, it has 5milimeter tread depth, which is really deep. This makes it very slip-resistant. You could step even on oily or greasy surfaces with this boot and you will still feel very stable.

The many good things about this boot are complemented by a wide size option. So if you have wide feet, you can purchase a wide size option of this boot for maximum comfort. The standard or normal width size options are also available.

The worst thing about this boot is that while it is water-resistant, it is not waterproof.


  • Stylish slip oil resistant shoes
  • Very comfortable and relatively lightweight
  • Deep treads for maximum traction on various surfaces
  • Relatively affordable work boot
  • Does not need a break-in period
  • Shock-absorbing sole


  • Not very waterproof
  • Heel may be too high for individuals with small feet

This Merrell Moab 2 is a brilliant boot that provides great traction. It is also comfy, durable, stable, and relatively affordable.

2. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Snow Boot

Columbia Men's Bugaboot III Snow Boot
Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Snow Boot

This boot is suitable for multiple work environments because it has an outer sole with special rubber treads built using special compounds. This unique outer sole can provide excellent traction and solid footing on just about any sort of ground or terrain.

It is what makes this boot one of the best oilfield and slip resistant work boots. Because of the special outer sole on this boot, it can handle even work terrains or surfaces with water, mud, tiny rocks, ice, snow, or oil.

In addition to being suitable for various work environments, this boot is also super warm. This is because it has 200 grams of insulation material plus thermal liners. It is rated -25F. This means with this boot you can work outdoors even during winter and for extended periods.

If you are wondering about comfort, this boot has got plenty of it. It’s midsole provides great cushioning, and shock-absorption. It makes this boot pleasant to walk in.

One more thing I must let you know about this boot is that it is waterproof and extremely durable. So it will let no water in no water to make your feet cold and wet. It will also last for many years.

One negative thing I noticed about this boot is that it is a narrow boot. This makes it not suitable for workers with narrow feet.


  • Comfortable and shock absorbing boot
  • High traction and non-marking rubber treads
  • Ideal for both wet and snowy conditions
  • Can protect against cold weather for a long time
  • Very dependable and durable


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet

While not suitable for individuals with wide feet, this boot has ingenious treads that provide good traction and make it to be considered among the top oil and slip resistant work shoes.

3. Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot
Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt is a fast-rising work boot brand in the United States. They make some of the toughest and most durable work boots that can handle plenty of abuse.

The CMF6366 is one of their most amazing work boots yet. It is quite lightweight compared to most boots on this list and it has both basic and extra features to make it more suitable for workers to wear.

What you will quickly notice when someone gives you this pair of oilfield boot is that it is made of superior quality leather and other materials. The leather and the other materials make it look premium and trendy.

You will also quickly notice that it has tread patterns on the outer sole that are deep and capable of keeping you stable and balanced even on slippery ground.

This Carhartt boot features a unique technology that makes it more flexible than normal work boots. The technology also makes this boot to stretch and accommodate different shape feet for increased comfort.

Like most Carhartt boots, the CMF6366 is capable of offering toe protection as it has a special protective toe box.

It also offers shock-absorbing technology making it perfect for jobs that involve plenty of walking or movement especially on hard surfaces or difficult terrain. Because of this technology you will feel less fatigue than if you wore a boot without it.


  • Great oil resistant shoes for men
  • Exceptionally durable work boot
  • Stylish and rugged design
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Shock-absorbing technology is inbuilt
  • Lightweight and comfortable work boot


  • Does not provide arch support

When you weigh the pros and the cons above, it is clear that the pros outweigh the cons. This Carhartt boot is unique, durable, and capable of resistance to oil and water on the floor.

4. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Flint Mid Work Boot
KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

While this list discusses the best slip and oil resistant work shoes, this boot from KEEN Utility fits perfectly in this list but can also be said to be among the best work boots for summer.

This is because it has side cut-out designs that enable ventilation and reduces the heat and sweat inside the boot throughout the workday.

And while this boot is perfect for summer, it is also perfect for slip-resistance and oil-resistance. This is because it has a special countered heel plus amazing tread patterns on the outer sole to prevent slipping and falling. The outer sole rubber is non-marking.

Like most KEEN Utility work shoes, this boot offers steel toe protection. So it will keep your toes from being crushed or compressed when you are work. However, its steel toe box is not the same as that on most work boots.

This is because it has an asymmetrical design meant to match the anatomical shape of the human foot better. This makes it roomier and more comfortable to use.

Featuring an EVA footbed, this boot feels comfortable especially underneath the foot. You will love walking around in it. The footbed is not only comfortable but also very supportive.

The worst thing about this boot is that it does not offer great ankle protection. But this is understandable since it is more of a hiking boot than a work boot.


  • Very comfortable work shoe
  • Asymmetrical and roomy toe box design
  • Provides brilliant slip –resistance
  • Provides great arch support
  • Versatile boot for work, hiking, and casual wear
  • Relatively cheap compared to similar work boots


  • No significant ankle protection
  • Not suitable for intense work

Unlike many work boots, this KEEN Utility boot is super comfortable and breathable. It also offers magnificent protection and, of course, great traction.

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6 Inch Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6 Inch Boot
Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6 Inch Boot

If I were asked to describe this boot in five seconds, I would say it is one of the most protective currently on the market. The boot is designed to handle all sorts of conditions to ensure your feet remain safe and comfortable even when exposed to certain workplace hazards.

The thing I am most interested in about this boot is its TPU outsole, which features deep lugs that make it abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant, and oil-resistant. In other words, chances are very low that you will slip and injure yourself at work when you wear this Timberland PRO boot.

This boot is extremely durable. In fact, I do not think there is any boot on this list that is more durable than it is. It is made of quality leather and other materials and it features double stitching to make sure it sticks together for the longest time.

Moreover, it is reinforced to make sure it remains strong and sturdy for the longest time.

In my opinion, the best thing about this Timberland boot is its anti-fatigue tech. This technology absorbs shocks and returns energy to the foot ensuring your feet receive support all-day plus maximum comfort.


  • Aggressive traction
  • Extremely high quality work boot
  • Made of leather and quality materials
  • Has anti-fatigue technology
  • Big brand work boot
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Antimicrobial treatment


  • Quite pricey

This boot is expensive. But this is understandable because it is a premium quality work boot with everything you would expect from a work boot plus more!

6. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot

These slip resistant oil resistant shoes from Thorogood are unique, very stylish, and can handle plenty of abuse. You can use them as work boots or casual boots.

The boots come in several colors including black walnut, trail crazyhorse, black, and tobacco.

The best thing about this Thorogood boot is the outer sole. It has got a special PU outer sole that is better than the famous Vibram-style outer sole. The PU wedge sole offers aggressive traction that will give you a solid footing even when you are working on an oily or wet floor.

Because of the excellent traction offered by this boot, it can be used by roofers and car servicemen and women. This is because such jobs require shoes with great traction for maximum stability.

This pair of boots is also regarded as among the best work boots for the oil and gas industry because jobs in the industry require high traction work shoes.

This boot’s wedge sole provides good arch support. And inside it, it has a comfortable footbed that makes walking and standing much more pleasant.

One more thing I should mention about this Thorogood boot is that it is quite durable.

The most negative thing I found about this boot is that it offers no significant toe protection.


  • Very stylish looking boot
  • Has a padded collar for comfort
  • PU wedge sole for max oil and slip resistance
  • Maximum comfort and arch support
  • Very durable construction
  • Shock resistant
  • Made in the United States


  • No safety toe
  • Very pricey

If you are looking for a stylish work boot with aggressive traction, you’ve just found it. However, you’ve to prepare to spend more money and to cope without a safety toe.

7. ROCKROOSTER Men’s Woodland 6″ Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Work Boots

ROCKROOSTER Men's Woodland 6" Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Work Boots
ROCKROOSTER Men’s Woodland 6″ Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Work Boots

This ROCKROOSTER boot looks stylish. It does not at all look tough and protective but it is one of the best safety shoes for the oil and gas industry and the construction industry.

There are many individuals involved in construction, landscaping, maintenance, transportation, and utilities who have confessed to owning this boot in reviews and believe that it is absolutely brilliant.

This top-rated boot is well built and features premium quality materials for maximum durability, flexibility, and comfort. As in, what I mean is that this is one of the most brilliant work boots in terms of construction and materials.

The best thing about this ROCKROOSTER boot, in my opinion, is its outer sole. The sole delivers grip and traction for maximum stability regardless of the ground or the surface one is standing on.

I also like how comfortable this boot is because it has a great insole that delays fatigue and provides shock-absorption. The sole makes this boot perfect for working even extended shifts.

Featuring a waterproof material and a design to keep water out, this boot will ensure your feet remain dry even if you have to work outside on a rainy or stormy day.

The one thing I do not like about this ROCKROOSTER men’s boot is the absence of a safety toe.


  • Oil and water resistant work shoes
  • Great traction and max shock absorption
  • Comprehensive work boot warranty
  • Anti-odor and waterproof
  • Anti-fatigue tech and cushioned insole
  • Great for construction and transportation workers


  • No safety toe

While this boot lacks a safety toe, it has a mildly protective soft toe. Moreover, it comes with so many great features that make it absolutely brilliant for workers.

8. Men’s Tactical Boots Lightweight Combat Boots

Men’s Tactical Boots Lightweight Combat Boots
Men’s Tactical Boots Lightweight Combat Boots

While these are not oil resistant steel toe boots because they do not have steel toes, they are very good oilfield boot. And I will show you four reasons why below.

First, they are super comfortable. This pair of boots features multiple features that make it really comfortable. They include a removable insole that is cushioning and can absorb shock, a lightweight design that makes walking easy, ankle support for support and comfort, a side zipper for quick on and off, a breathable fabric, a moisture wicking lining, and a rubber toe cap for to protection and anti-collision cushioning. In short, when you wear this boot you can expect comfort in all ways possible.

Second, they have got very good outer soles. The outer sole on each side of this boot is made of special rubber treads patterned in a unique way to provide great traction and grip on all types of surfaces and terrain.

The sole is slip-resistant and oil-resistant. It is also wear-resistant.This boot’s sole features a special EVA midsole. This makes it flexible and adds to the cushioning.

Third, these boots are quite breathable. This is often surprising to many considering their tall shafts but they are quite breathable. They feel as breathable as premium running shoes.

Lastly, these boots are versatile. You can use them as work boots, biking boots, riding boots, hiking boots, hunting boots, airsoft/nerf wars boots, mountaineering boots, trekking boots, and so on.

The only issue with this boot is the fact that it is not very waterproof.


  • Lightweight and comfortable tactical boots
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Extremely breathable design
  • Provides a great grip
  • Extremely cheap compared to the boots above
  • Shock absorbing, anti-collision design


  • Not waterproof
  • No steel toe

This is a solid and versatile boot that you can use as a work boot in many blue collar jobs.

What Causes Slips and Falls?

Slips occur when there is little traction or friction between the outer sole of the shoe you are wearing and where you are stepping.

For example, if you are wearing a boot and its outer sole is not treaded or does not have good treads and then you step on a smooth, wet or oily surface, you will most likely slip and fall.

What Causes Slips and Falls?
What Causes Slips and Falls?

This is because there will be little friction or traction between your footwear and the surface you are stepping on.

Things such as smooth walking surfaces, loose mats or rugs, snow, ice, and oily or wet floors can greatly reduce the friction and make slipping and falling very likely.

Advantages of Wearing The Oilfield Work Boots

The oilfield work boots are those that are well-treaded. In other words, they have deep and well-spaced or patterned treads on their outer soles. This is because when a work boot is well-treaded, it provides traction or friction with every step.

Simply put, when you wear a boot that is properly treaded, every step you make will be sure and confident because the boot’s tread will create friction with the ground or surface where you are stepping.

Advantages of Wearing The Oilfield Work Boots
Advantages of Wearing The Oilfield Work Boots

The best oilfield boots make slipping and falling nearly impossible. They do this even if the ground or surface where you are stepping is slippery e.g. oily or wet floors.

By reducing your chances of slipping and falling, slip resistant work boots protect you from injuring yourself. They also give you the confidence to perform well at work because they make every step a sure footing.

Lastly, because they reduce your likelihood of falling, they also automatically reduce your likelihood of falling and damaging expensive equipment, tools or whatever else you handle in your line of work.

3 Must-Have Features the Oilfield Work Boots

Before you buy a slip-resistant boot, you must make sure it delivers comfort, protection and durability.

Top 8 The Best Oil Resistant Work Boots Reviews for 2023
3 Must-Have Features the Oilfield Work Boots

1. Comfort

When you receive a boot that you have purchased online, how the boot will feel when you first wear it and then walk in it, will determine whether you will regret buying it or not.

To make sure you do not regret buying a slip-resistant boot, you should make sure it offers comfort. Shoe manufacturers use different ways to make work boots comfortable.

Most of them add a removable insole that is cushioning plus a special shock-absorbing midsole. Some add a shank for stability and support while others add a lining.

So before purchasing a work boot, just check to confirm it will provide you with the comfort you will need from it.

2. Protection

When buying a work boot, you must make sure it is protective enough for your work or work environment.

For example, if you work in an environment where the risk of stepping on a live wire is real and significant, you need to make sure the boot you purchase provides electrical hazard protection.

If you work somewhere where the risk of slipping and falling is real, you must make sure that the boot you want to wear is sleep resistant.

In most workplaces such as construction sites, you need to wear boots that provide toe protection. Some employers specifically require you to buy steel toe protection work boots, while others have no problem with composite toe protection boots.

3. Durability

When buying something, you always want it to last for a long time especially if it is something that you spend a lot of money on. In other words, you always want durability.

Durability is very important when it comes to work boots because they are subjected to intense use virtually every day from the day they are bought. Therefore, if they are not durable, they will wear and tear pretty quickly. So you need to ensure the boot you purchase is very durable.

How Did I Test and Choose Slip Resistant Work Boots?

To settle on the eight pairs of work boots in my list, I had to consider nearly forty five boots. Yes, it was plenty of work but I love doing this. I worked very hard to find the best slip resistant boots.

To make sure the boots were really slip resistant, I tested them in what I believed are the right working conditions. For the boots I could not test, I read reviews about them from individuals I was sure had tested them personally.

As I was testing the boots I tried walking with them on slippery surfaces to make sure they were really slip resistant. The boots which passed the slip test really well I included them in the list. I also added some really nice boots I saw from friends who have reviewed them and thought they were really resistant.

In addition to testing their slip resistance, I tested how comfortable they are and how well-made (durable) they are.

I only included the boots that are slip-resistant, comfortable, and very well-made.


1. How can you tell if shoes are oil resistant?

To tell if a oilfield boots, you need to check its outer sole. The boots that are oil resistant are usually the ones with deep treads.

Moreover, the boots that are oil resistant typically have treads that have geometric shapes as these are those to provide better traction.

2. Is there a spray to make shoes slip resistant?

Yes, there is. There is a spray that you can spray on the ground to give it more traction.

So if you have a slippery work site, in addition to buying slip-resistant boots, you should get a spray that you can use to make it less slippery.

Conclusion: What Are The Best Oil Resistant Work Boots?

You can easily tell a boot is one of the best oil resistant work boots by checking the outer sole. If the outer sole has deep treads or lugs, then the boot is most likely oil resistant. If it does not have deep lugs then it most probably isn’t an oil resistant boot.

In my opinion, the best oilfield boots on my list are the KEEN Utility steel toe oil resistant work boots. This was my conclusion after looking at the comfort, durability, and the outer sole aspects of the boots. The boots are also very protective as they have steel toe protection.

Most work boot manufacturers and sellers usually say their boots are the greatest. However, you now know more about the best slip-resistant boots, what’s good about them and their pros and cons.

This plus the other information I have shared with you on this post should make it easy for you to choose a good pair of oilfield work boots.

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