Top 8 Best Metatarsal Guard Work Boots

Are you looking for sturdy boots with a met guard to provide you with enhanced foot protection?

If so, you are reading the right thing. In this post, you will discover the best metatarsal work boots.

These are boots that have either an internal or external met guard for maximum foot protection when you are doing welding work or any other heavy industry job that requires safety boots with metatarsal guards.

The boots also have either a steel toe or a composite toe. The purpose of having a steel toe or a composite toe is to provide you with toe protection. Without further ado, here are the good safety boots with metatarsal protection and toe protection review of us.

Top 8 The Best Metatarsal Guard Boots for Work Reviews

1. Dr. Martens, Men’s Ironbridge Heavy Industry Boots

Dr. Martens, Men's Ironbridge Heavy Industry Boots

Dr. Martens Ironbridge work boots are, hands down, the toughest and most protective work boots currently available for sale. I have never seen any other boots like them.

This particular work boot is the best Ironbridge boot in production in my opinion. The reason why I believe this is the stylish design of this boot. It looks more stylish than other Dr. Martens Ironbridge boots.

Inside this boot is a steel metatarsal (met) guard. This guard together with this boot’s steel toe cap, will provide you with the ultimate protection. You will be able to work confidently knowing that your feet will not be crushed or injured in case something heavy or sharp falls on them.

In addition to the above safety features, this boot has a slip-resistant sole to reduce your likelihood of slipping and falling. This means you can work even in slippery conditions when wearing this boot. Moreover, this boot is insulated to protect you from electrical shocks.

In case you are wondering, this boot is also chemical and oil resistant. So in terms of safety, I believe that this is one of the safest work boots ever.

In terms of comfort, this boot has a cushioning insole, a stability shank, a breathable lining, and a padded collar. All these things make it quite comfortable.

The only disadvantage of this Dr. Martens boot is its weight; it is quite heavy. But this is expected for boots with steel metatarsal guards.


  • Among the most comfortable metatarsal boots
  • Complete protection of the feet
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Electrical hazard (EH) protection
  • Steel metatarsal (met) guard
  • Extremely durable


  • Somewhat heavy work boot

This is among the greatest heavy industry work boots ever made and it is available up to size 14.

2. KEEN Utility Men’s Mt Vernon 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Men's Mt Vernon 6" Steel Toe Metatarsal Guard Work Shoe

The KEEN Utility Mt. Vernon 6” is one of the best industrial and construction work shoes currently sold in the USA. This made-in-USA boot has all the safety features you, as a worker, would wish for.

Because of its many safety features, it is safe to wear in construction sites, for welding jobs, and for heavy industry jobs. This boot is also safe to wear in places that get plenty of rain because it is very waterproof.

The biggest advantage of this boot is its dry system.

This boot is waterproof to keep water out and it has a special technology that wicks moisture out to dry your feet and prevent them from becoming too sweaty. In other words, the system makes this boot very breathable despite being a completely waterproof boot.

Another advantage of this work boot is how comfortable it is. KEEN Utility almost always makes work boots that are very comfortable. This is kind of like their forte. The underside, the top, and the back of your feet will be very comfy in this boot.

With regards to safety, this boot is one of the safest. This is because it has a dozen and one safety features.

The features include a big met guard to protect your feet from heavy impact, a safety toe, a special oil and slip resistant outer sole, and a Kevlar thread for protection against heat, sparks, and abrasion.

Even behind the heel it has a protective heel guard. So it virtually protect each side of your feet from different hazards.

The biggest disadvantage of this boot is its high price. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that nearly all metatarsal work boots are expensive.


  • Steel toe and met guard protection
  • Extremely comfortable boot
  • Kevlar thread protection from heat and abrasion
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Made in the United States


  • Quite expensive

Despite its price, this is a metatarsal guard work boot that I would buy in a heartbeat if I ever get a construction or heavy industry job because it is so safe and comfortable.

3. Carhartt Men’s CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot

Carhartt Men's CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot

Do you work in a hazardous work environment or handle heavy and dangerous equipment and machinery on daily basis?

If yes, you ought to strongly consider getting this Carhartt work boot as it is designed to deliver maximum safety and protection.

The Carhartt boot is available from size eight to fifteen. And each size is available in regular and wide versions. This makes it very difficult for any worker, including you, not to find a pair that can fit his feet perfectly.

Just like the majority of Carhartt work boots, this boot provides more than enough comfort. It will keep your feet cool, dry, sweat-free, and cushioned on all sides. It will also prevent you from slipping and sliding.

This is because it has features such as a moisture-wicking lining, a cushioning insole, and a slip-resistant outer sole design. In short, this is a boot that will make you enjoy working because it will make your feet happy all day.

Durability is one of this boot’s highlights. It is constructed very robustly to handle hard and heavy use. So even if you purchase and wear this boot virtually every day for the next couple of months, it will not break down or fail very quickly. It will serve you for many years.

The fact that this boot is long lasting is kind of the least you would expect considering the price of this boot. For while it is cheap compared to other best met work boots, it is expensive compared to ordinary work boots.


  • Steel toe boots with metatarsal guard
  • Highly-rated met work boot
  • Very stylish and functional work boot
  • Very safe and comfortable
  • Cushioned insoles for maximum protection


  • Somewhat expensive

Despite its price, this is an amazing boot that will impress anyone looking for a solid heavy-duty met work boot.

4. Georgia Boot Men’s Homeland 8 Inch Steel Toe Work Shoe

Georgia Boot Men's Homeland 8 Inch Steel Toe Work Shoe

Looking for a stylish and very safe met work boot?

Well, you’ve just found it. This particular Georgia Boot is what you are looking for.

With a tough leather upper standing at 8-inch tall, this boot will excellently protect your feet and the lower third of your legs from cuts, abrasions, and punctures.

The tall leather upper of this boot plus its rubber sole are engineered to be completely waterproof. They will not allow even a microliter of water to reach your feet even if you literally step in or have to work in a puddle of water.

Many work boots have steel toe protection. This one too has a steel toe. However, unlike many work boots with steel toe protection, this boot’s protection meets the industry standard for toe protection.

This Georgia boot also meets the industry standard for electrical hazard (EH) protection. So if you work with heavy objects and with electrical wires, this boot is safe for you to purchase.

The outer sole of this boot is made of PVC. It is extremely tough and durable. It also happens to be lightweight making this entire boot lightweight unlike even the best metatarsal work boots.

The outer sole has a design that makes it slip-resistant and oil-resistant.

Worried that this boot is not comfortable?

Do not be!

It has a PU insole that makes walking in it to feel like walking on a thick and comfy carpet. It also has a shank (made of steel) that provides arch support and makes it extra comfortable and stable.

The only disadvantage of this boot is that there is a version of it that does not feature a met guard.


  • Made of a premium leather material
  • Engineered to keep water out
  • ASTM standard EH and steel toe protection
  • Very comfortable even after a long day at work
  • Oil and slip resistant
  • Steel shank for added stability


  • A version of the boot does not have a met guard
  • Not extremely breathable

Whatever industrial or construction job you do, you will find this boot quite safe to use. You will also love how comfortable it stays even after many hours of hard work.

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Helix Met Guard Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Helix Met Guard Work Boot

This Timberland PRO work boot may not be the prettiest or most stylish work boot out there but it is among the toughest and most protective work boots! It is super protective and has features that industrial and construction workers will really appreciate.

The first thing I want to tell you about this boot is the level of comfort it provides. Simply put it is an extremely comfortable boot. Several features make it comfortable.

They include a premium quality leather that is flexible and very breathable. The breathability of this leather and this boot will make it impossible for your feet to overheat or get too sweaty even during summer.

Another that makes this boot comfortable is its shock-absorbing midsole. It is really effective and delays fatigue. Lastly, this boot’s padded collar also makes it comfy.

The next thing that I want to tell you about this Timberland PRO boot is the antimicrobial treatment it has been subjected to. This treatment prevents the growth of odor-producing bacteria inside the boot.

What this essentially means is that it is unlikely your feet will ever become stinky when you wear this boot.

Now let me tell you about the safety of this boot. It is a very safe boot. It provides a high degree of feet protection in the workplace. Like all the best met work boots, this Timberland PRO boot has a toe protection.

This toe protection meets the ASTM standard. This boot also has EH protection that meets the set ASTM standard.

Additionally, this boot will protect your toes against abrasion and chemical hazards.

Most important, this boot has an effective met guard to protect the top of your feet.

Last but not least, the outer sole of this Timberland boot is slip-resistant.


  • Very durable met work boot
  • Ultra-safe work boot
  • Extremely breathable
  • Protects against chemical and electrical hazards
  • Super slip-resistant
  • Relatively affordable


  • Some people think this boot is heavy
  • Not very attractive

This is a magnificent met work boot designed to offer you with complete protection against chemical, electrical, and mechanical hazards.

6. Wolverine mens McKay Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Wolverine mens McKay Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Wolverine makes some of the most attractive and protective work boots ever. The Wolverine McKay Met Guard Brown work boot is for workers looking for a classic work boot with upgraded safety features.

It is also for those looking for a top met guard work boot that is affordable. In my opinion, five things stand out about this Wolverine boot.

First, its durable construction. This Wolverine boot is constructed with premium leather that makes it super strong and it is well-attached to its rubber sole. It is a boot that you will use for ages without seeing signs of wear and tear.

Second, the waterproofing. This boots is completely waterproof. It will keep your feet dry even if you have to work in wet conditions.

Third, the tough internal met guard that lies just below its tongue. This met guard will provide very good protection for the sensitive top part of your feet.

It will make you focus on your work instead of constantly worrying about heavy things accidentally landing on your fee.

Fourth, the ASTM standard steel toe. In the toe area of this boot is a steel toe box. This is engineered to protect your toes from heavy impact or compression.

Many industrial and construction employers require employees to always wear ASTM-standard steel toe boots when at work.

Lastly, the slip-resistance. The rubber outer sole of this Wolverine boot is slip-resistance. You can work even in slippery, wet, or oily work conditions while wearing this shoe.

The only thing not so amazing about this boot is that its squeaks when it is new. It is also not the most durable met work boot on the market.


  • Great work boot
  • Strong but lightweight met guard
  • Tough steel toe box for max protection
  • Slip-resistant and oil-resistant
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Extremely comfortable footbed
  • Affordable


  • Squeaks when it is new
  • Not extremely durable

The Wolverine McKay Metatarsal Guard Brown work boot is an ultra-safe work boot that is also comfortable enough for long hours of work.

7. Rhino 6 inch Metatarsal Work Boot, Black – 6MS01

The best metatarsal work boots in 2023 7

Highly rated on Amazon, this boot is brilliant for heavy industrial work, construction work, landscaping construction work, service shop work, and any other work that requires full toe and metatarsal protection.

For it has an effective met guard plus it is durable, reliable, and super comfy. It is also very easy to clean, which is something many workers appreciate.

The biggest highlight of this Rhino boot is the level of comfort it delivers. It is made of leather that is breathable. This makes it very cool. Your feet will never overheat in this boot.

It also has a very comfortable footbed that is especially suitable for those who often have to work on their feet for many hours. The padded tongue and collar of this Rhino boot also make it comfortable.

Another highlight of this Rhino boot is the level of safety it delivers. It will protect your feet against electrical hazards, oil hazards, chemical hazards, dangerous falls, and falling heavy objects. Nothing really performs like this boot in terms of safety.

The only thing that is not a highlight in this boot is the fact that its inner sole is not durable.


  • External metatarsal boots
  • Very protective met guard work boot
  • Provides electrical hazard protection
  • Features a 100% leather upper
  • Very comfortable boot
  • Provides chemical hazard protection
  • Welding boots metatarsal guard
  • Slip-resistant


  • Removable inner sole is not durable

This is a strong, high-quality, and easy to clean work boot that provides extremely good metatarsal protection.

8. Oliver 25 Series 6″ Leather Smelter Boots

Oliver 25 Series 6" Leather Smelter Boots

This boot is for heavy metal industry workers. So if you work in the industry and you are looking for a safe boot to wear to work, get this one.

The boot is made utilizing leather that is heat-resistant and flame-retardant. So if you work near heat and flames as many heavy metal industry workers do, it will prevent you from overheating and from catching flames.

Wearing this boot is easy because it is a slip-on work boot with an easy to use hook-and-loop closure system. This system makes it easy to close and it also makes it easy to remove in case of an emergency.

As is the case with many work boots, this boot has a safety toe.

Inside, this boot has got a comfort system that provides extremely good comfort for workers. It is hard for workers to get uncomfortable while wearing this boot.


  • Great external metatarsal guard
  • Smelter work boots
  • Protective metatarsal work boot
  • Very comfortable work boot
  • Cushioning insole
  • Bears bumps and shocks without becoming uncomfortable
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey

This is a great smelter boot / met guard work boot that many workers will love wearing.

The red wing metatarsal boots also deserve a special mention but I could not find space to review them.

Why Do You Need Work Boots for metatarsal?

Why Do You Need Work Boots for metatarsal?
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You need such work boots if you do whatever job where something heavy or sharp could fall on your feet and cause you great injury. This is because the boots have an external or internal met guard to protect the top of your feet from heavy impact.

So in case anything falls on top of your feet when you are at work you will love the protection you will get from a metatarsal protection work boot because you will not feel anything.

Examples of workers who need work boots that can protect their metatarsal include steel workers, construction workers, welding workers, and mechanics.

What Type Of Shoes Are Good for Metatarsal?

The only types of boot good for metatarsal are those that have a metatarsal pad.

What is a metatarsal pad?

A metatarsal pad is a material that is tough enough to offer protection against heavy falling objects and sharp objects.

Metatarsal pads are also called metatarsal guards. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are wearing a metatarsal pad or guard work boot if you do a job where the risk of something heavy and hard falling on your feet is real and significant e.g. steel work, mechanic work, construction work, and so on.

In the list above, I revealed to you the best shoes good for metatarsal.

What Protection Does A Metatarsal Guard Provide?

What protection does a metatarsal guard provide?
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A metatarsal guard provides workers with protection against falling objects. They kind of complement what the steel toe does. The steel toe protects the toes.

But beyond it, there is often no protection. So if something falls on your toes if you have a steel toe protection, your toes will be protected.

But if it falls a bit further up, your toes will be protected but your metatarsal area will not.

Nevertheless, if you are wearing a boot with metatarsal protection even your met area will be protected because the boot will have a metatarsal (met) area guard to protect the area.

The guard is usually made of a lightweight steel composite, a heavy rubber, or something similar to ensure your met area does not feel anything that lands on it with force.

In addition to providing met area protection, the best met guard work boots typically also provide toe protection, lower foot protection, and slip protection.

Toe protection is simply the protection of the toes. This is often provided by a steel toe box. Lower leg protection, on the other hand, is the protection of the lower leg. This is often provided by a tall and thick leather shaft.

It protects the lower leg from cuts and abrasions. Lastly, the good met guard work boots provide slip protection. In other words, they are designed in such a manner to make slipping and falling unlikely.

How to Choose the Best Work Boots for metatarsal?

Make sure you consider the following things:

1. The Met Guard

To choose a good work boot, you must make sure it has a met guard. A boot without a met guard or with a weak met guard cannot be considered as one of the greatest work boos for metatarsal.

The best met guard work boots tend to have a very good met guard or pad. It is not easy to know what material manufacturers use to make the met guards/pads of their boots.

However, a way to tell is usually to check the brand. The most popular brands usually make boots with much better met guards than unknown and foreign brands.

The best metatarsal work boots in 2023 9
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2. The comfort level

The highest-quality work boots are always those that are most comfortable. Choosing a met guard boot that does not provide maximum comfort is not going to allow you to work in peace.

Because the lack of comfort is going to make you to always have to stop whatever you are doing every now and then to catch a break or to adjust your foot position to feel much better. So choose only a boot that is going to provide you with great comfort.

3. The safety toe

The best met guard work boots are those that not only protect your metatarsal area but also your toes. Your toes are as much important as your met area.

Therefore, you must protect your toes as much as you protect your met area. In other words, getting a met work boot without a safety toe is as good as wearing a pair of slippers to a workplace. So make sure the boot you choose has a safety toe.

4. The durability

When choosing a met work boot you should make sure that it is very durable.  If it is not durable you will have to spend a lot of money again very soon to purchase a new work boot.

The most durable work boots are those that are made of materials such as leather and using the welt or cement boot construction methods.


1. What is a metatarsal pad?

Metatarsal pads aka met guards for boots are objects installed either internally or externally in work boots to protect your metatarsals. So how do internal metatarsal guards work?

They are made of thick and hard rubber or flexible steel to prevent your metatarsals from getting injured in case something falls on them. If you are wondering how to tell if boots are metatarsal? Check the official website of the manufacturer for the description.

If you do not have the time, check on top or underneath the tongue for a thick and wide object that can resist the landing of something heavy. If it is present, your boot is metatarsal.

2. Are metatarsal guards required by OSHA?

It depends with the job. For some jobs they are required but for most jobs including most construction work boots, they are not required.

Are metatarsal guards required by OSHA?
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3. What is the difference between steel toe boots and metatarsal?

The difference is in where they protect. Steel toe boots protect the toes, while metatarsal work boots protect the metatarsal area.

Therefore, you should always get a boot that has both steel toe protection and metatarsal protection so as to get maximum protection for your feet.

It does not make sense protecting only your toes or only your metatarsals – protect both with a boot that has both a steel toe and a met guard.

Conclusion: What are the best metatarsal work boots?

As evident in this best metatarsal boots review post, there are many hazards in heavy industry and other workplaces that require the wearing of met guard boots.

Without wearing a met work boot in a place where it is required, you could suffer a severe foot injury that could make it impossible for you to resume work for weeks or even months.

You have just read the reviews of some very nice work boots with metatarsal protection. You now know them plus their advantages and disadvantages.

You also know how to choose the best work boots for metatarsal protection. In short, you know how to pick a good met guard work boot and you have a list from where to pick it.

In my opinion, the very good metatarsal work boots are the Georgia boots I reviewed earlier (the fourth pair of boots on the list). They are the best because they are ultra-protective, ultra-comfortable, and ultra-functional.

They provide electrical hazard protection, steel toe protection, and dangerous workplace fall protection. And they are very comfortable. You will love wearing them to work daily.

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