Top 10 Best Breathable Work Boots for Sweaty Feet

Work is important around the globe. It is what people do to earn a living. A wide variety of work environments in most economists.

Most environments require people to wear certain clothes and shoes to appear professional and to protect themselves. In many work environments, work boots are very important. They are important because they deliver safety.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best breathable work boots. Breathable work boots are boots that are designed or engineered to be breathable/comfortable.

The Best Breathable Work Boots for Sweaty Feet And Hot Weather Reviews in 2020

Top Best Breathable Work Boots for Sweaty Feet & Hot Weather Reviews

1. Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot Shoes

Timberland PRO Men's 6" Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot Shoes

Over 12,500 people have independently rated this boot on Amazon. Their average rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. This is very impressive. It shows that the overwhelming majority of people who have worn this boot think it is a great boot. And I do too.

This boot from Timberland is an impressive work boot. It looks absolutely gorgeous and it is loads of fun to wear at work because it is super comfortable.

What makes this boot comfortable is the fact that it has a special underfoot suspension that makes it super comfortable to wear and walk in all day. The suspension will support and cushion your feet. It will also protect you from foot fatigue.

The reason why this boot is number one on this list is how breathable it is. I also suspect this to be the reason why this boot is the bestselling boot in Amazon’s Industrial & Construction Shoes category.

The boot is engineered to ensure your feet stay cool, dry, and comfortable from morning till evening even in warm weather.

This boot is also renowned for being very safe. It has steel toe protection. It also has good traction to reduce your likelihood of slipping and hurting yourself at work.

The only issue with this boot is that it is imported. Many people just do not like buying things from American brands that import rather than manufacture products in the United States.


  • This best breathable work boot is highly-rated
  • It is made of 100 percent leather
  • It is super comfortable
  • It is very breathable
  • It is a safe and protective boot
  • It has steel toe protection


  • It is an imported work boot

While this boot may be imported, it is regarded as the best work boot because it has everything you would expect from a work boot and it is very breathable.

2. EVER BOOTS “Ultra Dry” Men’s Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots

EVER BOOTS "Ultra Dry" Men's Premium Leather Waterproof Work BootsThis good-looking work boot is both breathable and waterproof. Therefore, it is simultaneously one of the most breathable work shoes and one of the highest-quality waterproof work boots.

According to the majority of the thousands of people who have reviewed this work boot on Amazon, the best thing about this shoe is the fact that it is waterproof.

It is waterproof because of its special leather and design, which enable it to keep feet warm and dry even when a wearer is working in a wet environment. So if you want your feet to stay dry at work, it is the boot to get.

The second best thing about this boot according to most reviewers is its breathability. It stays cool and breathable even during a long working day in a hot working environment.

The third best thing about this boot is how easy it is to wear it and remove it. This is because it comes with a backloop and speedy hooks.

Lastly, the fact that this boot has an outsole that is abrasion, slip, and oil-resistant is also impressive.

The worst thing about this boot is that it does not fit true to size; it runs half a size bigger than normal work boots.


  • This work boot is made of 100% leather
  • It is completely waterproof and dry
  • It does not need breaking in
  • It has a removable insole
  • It can be quickly worn or removed
  • It has a stable outsole


  • It is not true to size

While this boot runs half a size bigger than normal, this is something people with big feet do not mind. Furthermore, this is a nice boot in all other aspects so most people do not care about this minor “flaw.”

3. Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt is a renowned manufacturer of men’s work boots. The Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 is one of the masterpieces the company manufactures and sells in the United States right now. Like most shoes made by Carhartt, this is a highly-rated boot.

This boot is most probably highly-rated because it is extremely comfortable. Several things make it comfortable including its special cushioning insole, its unique EVA midsole, and the fact that it has a padded collar and tongue.

What I like the most about it, however, is not how comfortable it is. It is how flexible it is. The boot is engineered with a unique flexibility technology that supports movement and minimizes friction and unnecessary sweating.

This, coupled with the fact that it is made of 100% leather, makes it quite breathable.

In terms of protection, this boot has a composite toe to protect your toes against compression and impact hazards. The composite toes satisfy American safety standards. This boot also protects against certain electrical hazards.

While this boot is excellent, it is a bit pricey (which is kind of expected considering its quality).


  • This is a high-quality Carhartt boot
  • It has a composite toe
  • It is quite breathable
  • It features a slip-resistant outsole
  • It is versatile and durable
  • It has a composite safety toe


  • It is a bit pricey

This boot is a bit expensive compared to similar work boots. But considering its brand, quality, and features, it is absolutely worth every penny in its price tag.

4. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Safety Boot

Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Safety Boot

This is one of the most stylish and premium quality work boots ever made! Its stylishness is evident in its Moc Toe design. The tasty design means you can wear this boot to work, with jeans after work to grab a drink, or even to a casual dinner with your partner without raising eyebrows.

For me, the most exciting thing about this boot is how comfortable it is. It has a shock absorption footbed to cushion your feet. It also has a special insole that protects the feet.

So if you want to avoid foot fatigue or your feet often feel painful after long hours at work, this is the boot to buy and wear daily to work.

What I also find exciting about this boot is how protective it is. This boot has a steel toe to protect your toes against impact hazards such as falling tools or objects. It also has a slip-resistant outsole to protect you from slipping and falling when working in a workplace with a wet, polished, muddy, or oily floor.  This Thorogood boot also has a special wedge for extra safety.

In short, what I am trying to say is that this boot is a one-of-a-kind work boot. The only thing I do not like about it is that it is expensive. It is more expensive than the Carhartt boot above.


  • This is one of the best work shoes for sweaty feet
  • It is made in the United States
  • It has a shock-absorbing insole
  • It has a slip-resistant outsole
  • It has steel toe protection
  • It protects against some electrical hazards


  • It is expensive

While this boot is certainly expensive, it is a gorgeous boot that looks good, works great, and offers maximum protection.

5. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Flint Mid Work Boot

In my opinion, no work boot is more breathable than this work boot. This is not only because it features on nearly every important best breathable work boot list but also because it has all the features that make it breathable and supremely comfortable.

This work boot is engineered to be breathable. This is evident in its perforated side walls and its short shaft. These two things ensure good airflow around both feet.

So if you have been wanting a work boot that can truly keep both your feet cool and dry, this is the boot to go for. This work boot will keep your feet cool and dry even if you are working in the Nevada desert during summer.

This work boot is also engineered to deliver comfort. It does this in two ways.

First, it has a special midsole that is dense and designed to cushion and support the underfoot. In simpler words, this work boot has a sole that will keep your feet happy even after long hours of hard work.

Second, this boot is lightweight, which makes it easier to walk in and work in.

But while this foot is both breathable and comfortable and these two things are nice, what I really love the most about it is its style. This work boot has a hiking boot style making it perfect for work, strolling city streets, hiking mountains and even walking on the beach.

The only issue I have with this boot is that it is imported.


  • This is a stylish ventilated/ mesh work boot
  • It is supremely breathable and comfortable
  • It is lightweight but durable
  • It is great for long working hours
  • It has a composite safety toe
  • It is slip-resistant


  • It is imported

The only thing not so nice about this boot is that it is imported. Otherwise, if you want a work boot that is extremely breathable and comfortable on the feet, get this boot. They are the best vented work boots.

6. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Roughneck Lace Up Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's Roughneck Lace Up Boot

This is a made-in-USA Red Wing work boot. If you a patriotic man and you are looking for a breathable work boot that is made within the country, you should strongly consider this one.

This boot is made by Red Wing, which is a successful manufacturer of men’s work boots. Red Wing boots are always superior in terms of quality and this particular boot is no different.

If you decide to purchase this boot, there are several things you will enjoy. You will love that this boot is highly comfortable. You will find it breathable and with a supportive and comfortable footbed.

You will also love that this boot is protective. It will protect your feet from many different types of workplace hazards.

Moreover, you will be impressed by the fact that this boot has a slip-resistant outsole that ensures stability. It is perfect for workplaces with wet or slippery floors.

Lastly, you will like the fact that this boot features cement construction for maximum durability. It is a boot that will serve you for a very long time.

The only thing not so nice about this boot is that it has no steel/composite toes.


  • This is a 100% leather boot
  • It is highly breathable
  • It is supportive and comfortable
  • It has a slip-resistant outsole
  • It is highly durable
  • It is made in the USA


  • This boot has no protective toes

This boot is great for workplaces that require no protective steel or composite toes because it is stylish and highly comfortable.

What Are Breathable Work Boots And Who Are They For?

Breathable work boots are work boots that have been engineered to allow airflow. In other words, they are boots that are designed to ensure your feet remain cool, dry, and fresh even during long working days or working days when the weather is hot.

To ensure a work boot is breathable (can keep feet cool, dry, and fresh), manufacturers usually do one of several things.

They either perforate the side walls, use a fabric that allows feet to breathe, shorten the shaft, or include an anti-heat technology such as the use of a breathable liner or membrane.

Examples of breathable work boots include the KEEN brand in the list above.

Breathable work boots are for all those who want to wear work boots. In other words, any job that requires the wearing of work boots requires breathable work boots.

So this boot is for you if you simply need a boot for work. Or you need a boot that will make your feet stay happy no matter how long you work in them.

The workers who usually go for breathable work boots include construction workers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, factory workers, and so on.

Types of breathable work boots you can choose

There are several types of breathable work boots or work boots in general based on the design. The main types include hiker, lineman, plain toe/ cap toe, and moc-toe work boots.

Hiker work boots

Hiker work boots are the best for men’s/men’s breathable work boots. They typically have soles that wrap up the side walls to make it difficult for water to get into their side walls and make feet wet.

They also typically have perforated side walls to enhance breathability and prevent sweating. Because they have perforated walls, they are typically regarded as the good breathable work boots.

A good example of a hiker breathable work boot is the KEEN work boot in the list above.

Lineman work boots

Lineman work boots are also known as logger boots. They are plain toe boots with tall shafts. They typically have a thick leather shaft, a stiff sole, and a tall heel. They are designed to protect the ankles and last for a long time. Breathable lineman work boots exist but none is included in the list above.

Plain toe/cap toe work boots

Plain toe work boots are the most basic work boots on the market. They have a plain toe from one end to the next. They typically have a steel toe or composite toe underneath the plain toe box. They are built for comfort and protection. Plain toe work boots are popular both in the US and the UK.

Moc-toe work boots

These work boots are the most stylish. This is because they feature a toe box that looks like the front part of a moccasin. This is where they get their name. Moc-toe work boots can be worn to casual work sites. A good example of such boots is the Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe in the list above.

Pull-on work boots

Breathable pull-on work boots aka slip on work boots are those that do not have laces. This makes them easy to wear and to take off.

Why Do You Need A Breathable Work Boots?

If you want to perform well at work, you need to wear the right clothes and the right shoes for the job. If your job is not an office job, then the right shoes are most probably work boots. There are many work boots on the market. The very best ones are those that are breathable.

Why are breathable boots the best work boots? Because they ensure feet remain cool and dry even when worn for a long time. By ensuring your feet are cool and dry at work, they can boost your performance. This is because they will allow you to focus on your work.

So probably the most important reason why you need breathable work boots is to increase your performance.

You also need breathable work boots if you want work boots that are going to prevent your feet from sweating a lot. As it is now common knowledge, sweating a lot can cause discomfort, blisters, and foot damage.

So if you want your feet cool, dry, and fresh without any blisters now and then, then you need breathable work boots. All the six boots in the earlier list are good breathable work boots for sweaty feet.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Breathable Work Boots?

Breathability is an important thing to consider because it will affect how comfortable you will feel in your work boots. However, it is not the only thing to consider when choosing a work boot.

Several other factors need to be considered. Below are the most significant ones:


Strength is often a very important factor to consider when purchasing a work boot. This is because if a work boot is not strong enough, it will not be able to handle being worn daily in a challenging worksite. For this reason, it will break down quickly and will not be durable.

In contrast, if a work boot has been built right and strong enough, it will handle the many perils it will face at most worksites and last for a long time.

To know if a boot is strong enough is not very easy. However, popular work boot manufacturers often engineer boots to make sure they will last for a long time.

Therefore, work boots from renowned manufacturers almost always are built tough to last. So to get a tough work boot, make sure you buy something from a renowned manufacturer.

According to some work boot experts, you can guess if a work boot is built tough based on some telltale signs such as the use of 100% leather, the use of an abrasion-resistant outsole, and so on.

Steel toe protection

To be able to work in various workplaces that require work boots, your work boot must have steel toe protection. And the steel toe protection must meet the set standards.

A steel toe protection is basically an inbuilt steel cover over the toe box of boots with steel toe protection. The purpose of the steel cover is to protect you against compression and impact hazards at the workplace.

For example, if you are a plumber and a heavy wrench falls on your toes, the steel toe safety cover will protect your toes from being broken. However, if you are not wearing a boot with steel toe protection, your toes will be crushed. You can find a suitable boots for a plumber here.

In many cases, steel toe protection is what is needed. However, in some cases, composite toe protection is allowed. Composite toe is a tough plastic cover that offers nearly as much protection as steel toe protection.

A good example of a boot with steel toe protection is the Thorogood boot in the earlier list of best breathable boots.

Comfort and fit

Because most work boots need to be worn daily and for long hours, they need to fit well and to be comfortable.

Many work boots either fit true to size or run half a size big. So keep this in mind when purchasing a work boot. If you purchase a work boot that is too big, it won’t be stable enough and, therefore, safe enough for you to work in.

With regards to comfort, you need your work boot to be comfortable enough to wear it daily and for long hours without experiencing any pain.

To make work boots comfortable, manufacturers usually include a padded collar and a padded tongue. They also include a cushioned insole or midsole and a shank to make the footbed as supportive as possible.

So if you work in a tough work environment, make sure the work boot you get fits well and has the comfort features necessary to keep your feet happy throughout the day.


This is an important factor to consider when purchasing a work boot. Because without stability, a work boot will make you more likely to fall and this can result in bad injuries in some hazardous workplaces.

The stability of a work boot is determined by how well-constructed it is. A boot that is poorly constructed is not going to offer sufficient stability. So you need to make sure the boot you purchase is well-constructed to guarantee stability.

Some boot manufacturers also have wide outsoles or special outsoles to increase stability. The outsoles of such boots are often abrasion-resistant. This ensures they remain steady and balanced for a long time to ensure long term stability.

Break-in time

Break-in time is the number of days it takes before a new leather shoe becomes fully comfortable. Leather shoes made of soft leather usually take fewer days to break-in than those made of heavy leather.

If you get heavy-duty work boots you should expect to wear them for a long time before they become fully comfortable. In contrast, if you get work boots that are made of soft leather, they should only take a day or two to break-in.

The best work boots to get are those made of full-grain leather. This leather gives them the element of toughness and at the same time usually takes very little time to break-in.

If you do not necessarily need leather boots, you should go for hiker work boots. This is because they are often constructed in such a way that they do not need any break-in.

If you really like a pair of boots but you think breaking them in is going to be problematic. You should use any of the many methods of accelerating break-in explained in many explainer videos on YouTube.


The material used to construct a work boot often determines how long it will last and how breathable it is. Boots made of leather are typically long-lasting compared with boots made of other materials. Moreover, boots made of leather are often more breathable than those not made of leather.

Furthermore, boots made of leather are typically more expensive than those that are not. In other words, if you are looking for work boots that are breathable and long-lasting, you should get those made of leather material.

And you should be prepared to pay good money because leather work boots are typically more expensive.


This is also an important factor to consider when looking for a breathable work boot. This is because there is no use getting a work boot that is cushiony yet heavy at the same time for you will not enjoy the benefit of its lightweightness.

FAQs for Breathable Work Boots

Q. How do you keep your feet from sweating in work boots?

You buy breathable work footwear. It will have the features to keep your feet cool from sweating. For example, it may have perforated side walls that will allow air in and keep your feet cool.

You can also buy socks for sweaty feet. These are special socks that can prevent feet from sweating excessively in boots.

Q. What are the best work boots for hot weather?

The best work boots for hot weather are the best breathable work boots and those are hiker work boots.

Q. Do waterproof boots make feet sweat?

Some can but not all of them. Some waterproof boots are breathable. This, therefore, ensures they do not make feet sweat.

Conclusion: What are the best breathable work boots?

If you have been looking for a good breathable work boot, you should be able to select one from the list of six provided earlier. Because the list reviews the best breathable work boots currently available on the market.

In other words, the list presents boots that will keep your feet cool and dry and protect them from sweating, chafing, and blistering. And because they prevent sweating, they also keep feet fresh and odor-free.

The best breathable work boot on the earlier list of breathable work boots is the KEEN work boot. It is fully breathable, it is from a famous brand, it is long-lasting, it is very stylish, and relatively affordable compared to the other boots on the list.

It is also quite comfortable to wear even for long hours. Therefore, if you were to ask me for my personal opinion on which is the best one, I would say it is certainly the KEEN ventilated work boots/ breathable mesh work boots.

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