Top 10 Best Lightweight 8-Inch Work Boots

Safety shoes are essential items to protect you from hazards at work. Above all, the best 8-inch work boots will give you the best protection. They are present all over the world for police officers, security guards, construction workers, and more.

These shoes not only support and protect you but also make you look stylish when working out. Depending on your job, you can choose an 8-inch boot that is waterproof and comes with additional features.

In this article, we will evaluate which is the best product for you.

Who is suitable for 8-inch work boots? 

8-inch work boots are a suitable supplement for workers. Relevant people can use these boots include police officers, security guards, and military personnel.

Basically, 8-inch lace-up work boots are less flexible than 6-inch boots – boots suitable for farm work.

However, 8-inch boots are still necessary items for labor protection. You can use them as construction work boots. However, 8-inch boots are not ideal for construction workers who often climb or bend over.

But some people feel comfortable wearing 8-inch boots. Because they can protect the ankle well. For this same reason, 8-inch boots become a good idea for walking through brush.

However, the user’s feet will sweat more. Because the manufacturer did not optimize when designing quite a few ventilation holes of boots.

Today, some brands have launched 8-inch work shoes with effective waterproofing. So if you are someone who often has to go through wet, wet areas, this is the ideal choice.

However, we want to remind you that these boots are very difficult to put on. That’s the reason you need to choose a pair with a zipper or 8-inch boots with a durable phylon midsole.

7 Important Things to Consider When Buying 8-Inch Work Boots 


The first criterion you need to consider before deciding to buy 8-inch steel toe work boots is safety. Protecting your toes is always a top priority when choosing work shoes.

Currently, there are 3 main types of boots on the market: steel boots, composite toe, and soft boots. Therefore, you need to base on your needs and safety requirements in order to choose the right type of shoe.


When choosing to buy 8-inch boots, you have quite a few options for outsoles. The traditional outsole with a square heel is a good choice for outdoor wear.

Or flat, wedge outsole will work better indoors. Each form of the outsole has its own strengths. So consider your needs to choose the most suitable 8-inch outsole.

Traditional square heel boots are for walking on rough terrain. With a 90-degree square heel, these boots can help you avoid slipping on uneven terrain.

The wedge outsole is a flat sole, capable of evenly distributing force throughout the sole of the foot.

Many people find wedge outsoles more comfortable than square heel boots. Although the sole is to increase slip resistance, the boots wedge outsole is only suitable for walking on smooth surfaces. Because they don’t have a raised heel to find grip on uneven terrain.


Waterproof boots are very popular with outdoor workers. Because you don’t want to wear wet boots.

If you are a person who often works in the workshop, this feature is not too necessary. These waterproof linings can trap heat. So they will make you feel uncomfortable in the summer.


Insulated boots are a great help when you work outdoors in winter. The weight of the insulation material ranges from 200g to 2000g. But depending on the needs of users, we choose boots with different insulation materials.

Usually, insulation weighs 400g. This is a standard weight suitable for most workers. However, there are still some exceptions.

Modern Boots

You don’t like bulky, traditional boots. Then modern boots might be the right product for you.

These styles of boots are a combination of work boots and tough hiking, thanks to the design with comfort and flexibility.

But they still retain the toughness to stand firmly in the workplace. So modern boots are becoming the target of many people recently.

Toe Overlay

Today on the market, several types of work boots don’t just stop at protecting the toes. In order to prolong the life of the product, they also have a layer of rubber covering the toe of the shoe.

As you may know, the toe of the shoe suffers a lot of impacts when we work. So this rubber layer will protect and increase wear resistance.

Made in USA

If anyone asks me if I like 8-inch work boots, I will say yes. Because work shoes made in the USA are very good quality even though they are usually more expensive.

You will definitely spend a corresponding amount of money to buy products made in the USA for work safety for work safety.

Best 8-inch Work Boots In 2023 You Can Buy On Amazon

1. Timberland PRO Men’s – Best for Waterproofing

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 4

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Product highlights

Timberland is a famous brand. Many people know this brand for its effective waterproof boots. If you are looking for 8-inch waterproof work boots then the Timberland PRO Direct Attach is a perfect choice.

A special feature of this shoe line is anti-fatigue technology in the midsole. Plus point is an impressive arch system and footbed.

With such a design, the Timberland helps to counter energy while reducing shock while providing comfort all day long.

Besides, Timberland uses a unique tanning process on these boots. This gives PRO Direct Attach excellent water resistance. Every seam is amazingly meticulous. This ensures the boots are waterproof no matter what weather conditions you’re in.

In addition, Timberland PRO Direct Attach is also the ideal choice for cold winters.

Thanks to the 400-gram thermolite insulation, it keeps your feet warm. Polyurethane footpads with breathable panels treated with Agion technology. Timberland can effectively deodorize sweat while increasing user comfort.


  • Steel safety toe and electrical hazard protection
  • Effective waterproof ability
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable


  • Easy to get hot if used in summer
  • Not as comfortable as the company’s high-end boot line

Bottom lines

Timberland is an American company specializing in the production of work shoes. As a big brand, if you’ve ever worn a pair of Timberland 8-inch boots, you’ll definitely be pleased with it.

This product has an extremely sturdy design, 100% leather stays, and high-quality rubber soles.

Besides, Timberland PRO Direct Attach will show you the perfect combination of functionality and durability of a work boot.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a durable 8-inch boot, the PRO Direct Attach is the product you should choose.

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2. Carhartt 8″ Men’s Waterproof – Best for Endurance 

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 5

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Product highlights

Carhartt is a brand trusted and chosen by many workers. Carhartt is known for its durable work jackets and pants. But in recent years, their boot line has become more popular. Especially this 8″ Men’s Work Boot offers loads of premium features that have satisfied many customers.

As 8-inch composite toe work boots, these boot scores are impressive for safety. Composite toe fully meets ASTM 2413-17 regulations for impact.

At the same time, experts also highly appreciate the product’s ability to resist electrical hazards. According to experimental data, a pair of Carhartt can protect you from currents up to 18,000 watts.

Another point worth noting is the excellent water resistance. Thanks to the breathable film Storm defender located above the lining, the Carhartt is waterproof and breathable. Therefore, your feet can stay dry as well as cool no matter what weather conditions you are operating in.

Not only impressive with high-end features, but the 8-inch Carhartt also scores when the material is 100% oily leather.

Furthermore, the large rubber cap protects the toe and heel against abrasion. Therefore, you can use these boots for many years.


  • Superior abrasion-resistant toe and heel protection
  • Good water resistance but still very breathable
  • Comfortable insole
  • Ensure effective electrical safety


  • Bulky design

Bottom Lines

Overall, the Carhartt 8″ Men’s Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot is a mid-range work shoe. It is not too expensive but possesses many high-end features often found on more expensive boots. “Men’s Waterproof Composite Toe Work is the right choice if you work in electrical, mechanical…

Similar product: Men’s Ruggedflex Safety

3. Danner Men’s Bull Work Boot – Best for quality structure

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 6

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Product highlights

You will be surprised when using the workwear boots from the Danner brand. Manufactured on international standard production lines plus high-quality American-made structures and components, Danner boots quickly became the industry standard.

Danner Men’s Bull Run 8″ Work Boot has excellent water resistance while still very breathable. Usually, boots that combine the two features are not so breathable.

However, Danner Men’s Bull. This run is different. You also need to worry your feet getting hot and stuffy on hot summer days.

In addition, Danner has a Vibram outsole design that is both durable and responsive. They can provide superior traction on oil, water, or other slippery surfaces. Besides, the non-linear grooves support the user to move easily.

Moreover, Danner Men’s Bull Run 8″ Work Boot provides absolute safety for users. Because the alloy toe meets the standard, experts also certify that this boot can protect users from electrical hazards.


  • Bring comfort to users
  • Alloy toe cap protects the user from electrical hazards
  • Vibram outsole
  • Very effective ventilation


  • Expensive
  • Still quite heavy

Bottom lines

If you work in harsh weather conditions, then Danner Men’s Bull Run 8″ Work Boot is your priority.

Although expensive, the product surely makes you satisfied thanks to its excellent waterproof ability. Great but still very breathable.

Similar product: Men’s Bull Run 8″ Work Boot

4. Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter – Best for leather material

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 7

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Product highlights

The Irish Setter Men’s Work Boot is one of the leading work boots available on the market. You might also wear the boots when they’re brand new.

The boot sole has a certain softness and the bottom of the sole is shaped like a pin, effectively anti-slip and anti-corrosion, especially when playing under the grass surface, it will increase the firm grip. This product is quite suitable for running, golfing, badminton or can be used to work and go out very fashionable.

After only 1 day and 1 day, the leather material of the shoes will soften noticeably. This advantage is very few companies that have work safety shoes.

In addition, the EVA midsole and removable kickstand provide comfortable wearing for long periods. Moreover, the collar and inside have padding to create a cushion around the ankle to help avoid rubbing skin damage.

This is a well-constructed work shoe with durable leather and a faux triple stitched toe cap. The wedge sole is very thick and has undeniably good traction.

However, the Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter Steel Toe 8″ Work Boot is waterproof. And to preserve the durability of the leather, we recommend that you limit the use of water when cleaning them.


  • Bring comfort
  • Enduring
  • Meets electrical safety standards


  • Not waterproof

Bottom lines

Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter Steel Toe 8″ Work Boot is a product suitable for many objects. Whether used in the office, factory, or site survey, we can’t deny the comfortable feeling it brings.

But for those who have to stand for long periods, these are not necessarily the right choice. They do not have the necessary protective features to incorporate into the design. So, we do not recommend it for people in construction, outdoor labor, or heavy machinery,

Similar product: Men’s Wingshooter Steel Toe 8″

5. WOLVERINE Men’s Loader 8″ – Best for abrasion resistance

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 8

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Product highlights

Looking at the design of this protective boot, you’ll see it’s meant to last. Wrapped around shoes is a protective layer that makes them able to withstand abrasion, impact, and puncture. Furthermore, Wolverine has added a nylon sleeve for added sturdiness.

WOLVERINE Men’s Loader 8″ Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot impresses with a premium full-grain leather upper that’s completely waterproof.

The leather also acts as breathability. So water can’t penetrate from the outside. But the moisture from the inside is easily washed away.

In addition, WOLVERINE possesses an extremely flexible design. The removable OrthoLite footbed is lightweight and comfortable. You can easily take it off for washing, and it keeps its beautiful shape over the years.

Possessing a huge base with wear-resistant material, this boot model offers outstanding durability. Not only that, the rubber material and EVA buffer hidden inside will increase elasticity, support extremely good jumping. Wrapping the extremely thick anti-shock base effectively is a layer of extremely good wear-resistant rubber.

This version is aimed at the outdoor model, so the entire outer material is made of synthetic leather, which helps to better withstand the impact of the environment, not damaged, avoiding the phenomenon of soft, mushy, stained, dull, broken or peeling.


  • Enduring
  • Good waterproof
  • Quar-effective breathability
  • Lightweight, easy-to-remove footbed


  • The skin is easily broken and peeled

Bottom line

The WOLVERINE Men’s Loader is a traditional boot with modern features that guarantee to keep your feet safe and comfortable on the job site.

Despite the classic look, the raised TPU outsole is 3x stronger than others. These work boots will provide the best comfort and protection.

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6. ARIAT Men’s Turbo 8″ H2o – Best for Comfort

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 9

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Product information

  • Brand: Ariat
  • Synthetic soles
  • 8 inch shaft
  • Heel about 1.5 inches

Product highlights

You are having difficulty at work, but the problem is mainly in the feet? One recommendation for you is to buy ARIAT Men’s Turbo 8″ H2o, which always offers maximum comfort and performance.

Ariat Turbo is very special. Pro™ waterproof construction keeps feet dry in wet conditions. Along with that is ATS® technology that ensures superior cushioning and support in every step.

Not only that, but ARIAT Men’s Turbo 8″ H2o also scores thanks to its dual-density polyurethane. And with TPU outsole design, it provides enhanced oil and slip resistance for maximum traction.

The most impressive thing lies in the fact that its employees have decades of experience and have to go through more than 100 processes to make each boot.

This brand is famous for its shoes that are resistant to extreme cold weather in North America. This shoe company was later acquired by the winter fashion brand Columbia and continued to develop many new models.


  • Effective anti-oil and anti-slip
  • Very comfortable
  • Good price


  • Quite heavy

Bottom line

Most jobs require protective gear. Especially heavy and intense jobs are more necessary. ARIAT Men’s Turbo 8″ H2o is an affordable product that still has all the essential features of work shoes.

With effective waterproof, anti-slip performance, ARIAT Turbo is one of the best 8 inch work boots 2023.

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7. Caterpillar P89785 Men’s – Best for comfortable rubber soles

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 10

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Product highlights

Caterpillar is a brand that evolved from work boots into a range of industrial and casual footwear. Their goal is to create quality and durable boots and shoes. Nearly every Caterpillar product has received positive reviews from users.

With 100% leather material, P89785 has excellent water resistance. Besides, Caterpillar P89785 uses a rubber sole with grooves to help prevent slipping effectively.

This men’s boot will be able to coordinate with long jeans, t-shirts, and men’s leather jackets for the best trips and outings. This new breakthrough will make you an extremely masculine and strong guy. No girl can resist that beauty.

Or when the autumn air is chilly, wearing a pair of boots and outerwear can still make you a dream man. Buy yourself a pair now!

Moreover, this product is considered another model, capable of durable operation and cheaper price than high-end boot models and an economical choice for high-frequency users.


  • Average price
  • Effectively waterproof and anti-slip
  • Made in the USA


  • Not too comfortable to wear

Bottom line

Are you looking to buy work shoes made in the USA but don’t want to spend $200 or more? Then the Caterpillar P89785 is the product for you.

With effective anti-slip properties, we rate P89785 as suitable for workers in environments with smooth surfaces. The plumber is a prime example.

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8. Georgia Men’s 8″ M Work – Best for Budget

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 11

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Product highlights

For under $150, it’s almost impossible to find men’s 8-inch work boots that offer comfort, performance, and protection. It is difficult to find good protective boots in that price range. Thankfully, Georgia has released Men’s 8”M Wedge Work.

The highlight here is the Goodyear leather texture. Furthermore, a full-grain leather upper, steel feet for added stability, and a steel toe cap. These boots meet ASTM F2413 for shock protection and electrical hazard limitation.

Moreover, you may be surprised at the longevity of this product. Premium leather material and removable guard bars increase wear resistance.

With a temperate climate in the US, this version is almost suitable for men to use throughout the day without fear of discomfort.

Because it owns a design with high-quality and breathable leather. The sole of the shoe is usually a thin sole, with good elasticity so you don’t have to worry about hurting your feet when wearing it.

Owning it, you can take it anywhere from long trips or office meetings. It will make you stand out from the crowd.


  • Cheap
  • Goodyear welt structure
  • High durability


  • Very heavy (3 pounds 1 pc)

Bottom lines

If you’re looking for a quality workwear boot at an affordable price, then the Georgia Men’s 8″ M Wedge Work is your product.

At only about $150, this Georgia has impressive features, especially high endurance. This will definitely be the plan for those who work intensely.

Similar product: Georgia men’s G8152

9. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage – Best for Comfort

The Best 8 Inch Work Boots: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide [2021 Edition] 12

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Product highlights

Another option for those looking for 8-inch pull-on work boots that focus on comfort rather than safety.

Thorogood offers an original tanned suede upper with a mesh upper. This creates many ventilation holes, helping your feet stay cool no matter what the weather.

Besides, the manufacturer is equipped with a Thoro Dri waterproofing system and Thorogood boots. This system features a breathable waterproof membrane with sealed seams, which helps fight blood-borne pathogens.

And best of all, when it comes to comfort, Men’s American Heritage 8″ Moc Toe hits the top. The midsole features a gel-cushioned midsole for superior impact absorption. And EVA polyurethane footbed cushioning is disassembled if you find the boot too tight.

Although it is not a high-end product, Thorogood still pays great attention to construction.

The proof is the construction of the Goodyear Storm Welt. This is a dual density rubber that is both oil-resistant and slip-resistant. So you’ll stay strong on any terrain with Men’s American Heritage 8.”


  • Goodyear storm welt construction
  • With the side zipper, it’s easy to take off as well as put on
  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable but waterproof


  • Quite heavy for soft toe boots

Bottom Lines

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8″ has a rather soft toe, so they are not suitable for use on construction sites. But for many occupations that do not require too many 8-inch leather work boots, this is still the right product.

Similar product: Men’s American Heritage 8″


When it comes to the best 8-inch work boots, they must provide you with all-day comfort. There’s also the rugged durability and safety features needed to keep you safe on the job.

You need to determine the job requirements and use requirements to choose the best protective shoes for yourself. With so many different types of work shoes on the market, it is not the right product that will be good for you. Because everyone’s feet are different. So the best way is to try to get the best option.

What if you are looking for the best work boots for any job? Then Danner Men’s Bull Run is our top choice. Or for anyone who wants the best quality shoes on the budget, Georgia Men’s 8″ M Wedge Work.

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